Term Length

I just had my first game as USA and the game ended quite fast after getting elected second time. Is there an option somewhere to select the term length or continue playing after the 2 terms?

In the “Public Service” category, you have two uncancellable policies about exactly that.

Thanks, I also just found that :slight_smile:

Is there not a way to just disable term limits up front, instead of having to save up PC?

Not in the game, no. You can, however, meddle with the game file to change the value directly or to give yourself unlimited political capital (don’t ask me how to do it, I have no idea, but it shouldn’t be too hard to find).
But if you want an in-game strategy, then I recommend that you use the boost from the political honeymoon (the turn after a re-election) to change that policy. If you have a big majority, you should have enough to increase it to one more term. Do that every time and you’ll end up with “none” sooner or later.
Or just play the UK, they have “none” by default.

It would be an interesting affect to see our PP go up when we have a larger majority.

Trump tried to enact these policies. He didn’t have the PC.

I can’t see these policies under Policy Ideas. I’m on turn 1 and have played the game for about 1 hour.

EDIT: never mind. Found them. Sorry!

Which policies?

The 2 ETLs in the post I was replying to. I finally found them. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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