Territorial Expansion (Russia)

Hello, my name is Silent, and I just downloaded the demo. It was fun, and I would be considering on buying the game, prehaps in the near future…There is one thing that is missing though, territorial expansion (positech.co.uk/newforum/viewtopic.php?t=230). Of course, one may think it is not realistic, but…

What few people do not know is there is a possiblity of having such a delimma, happening in real life. Russia is currently backing secession movements in the nation of Georgia, because there are ethnic Russians over there who are angry at being ruled by Georgians. These two movements are Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and Georgia is very mad about these movements. Techincally, Russia is netural, but Georgia disagrees, and notes Russian peacekeepers in the area…as well as support by Russian patriots to help these seperarists.


So, what I would ask for is a certain delimma. “Currently, one of many the Soviet Union sucessor states is having an internal rebellion by people wanting indepedence from this state. They claim economic disadvantage as well as being culturaly connected to Russia. Currently, this group of freedeom fighters ask for your assistance…”

If you assist this group, Patriots would be happy, as you are helping protect Russia’s interests, as well as help out people who are cultrually similar to Russia. However, forigen relations are sure to suffer, and liberals would hate you for trying to “take over and expand your territory”.

If you decide not to assist this group, Patriots would be angry, while Liberals would be glad.

I need to know 2 things: 1) Is this a good idea? 2) How can I mod this in the demo (if I can mod it in the demo)? If this proves popular, I could also try making a delimma about the Checyna situation, as well as explore the territorial amibitons of other nations in real life, and reflect them here in this great game of Democracy.

the demo only contains the UK as I recall, but it is certainly a do-able mod, a dilemmas restricted for just 1 country (thats moddable, we have Uk and US-only dilemmas) and the effects you suggest can easily be modded.