Terrorists threat

How do you deal with a Terrorists threat I can deal with other probs but not this one , any help would be appreciated


Spy agency and police, and try do have a minimum value with all parties

Also stricter bordercontrols, more military spending and detention without trial (I love that one) helps

Thanks everyone


Is there any way to deal with the specific group your intelligence report has targeted? Fr’instance, I was doing just fine by basically ignoring the religious far right and boosting my scientific research. Including teaching an evolution-only curriculum. The intelligence agency warned me at the start of the next turn that the religious extremists were after my butt and even named the specific group which was going to whack me. A turn later, as I check the security intel at the top of the screen, I see that the membership of the Army of God has gone up slightly, and that their threat level has soared.
Mind you, this whole time I’ve got the military spending amped to max just to deal with these whackos, I’ve got policemen with submachine guns, I’ve got an intelligence agency capable of telling you what you had for lunch and what you were thinking while you had it. I have community policing. I have a maxed-out police force.
And then I have a presidential corpse.
So, c’mon! There’s gotta be some way of telling all these brave defenders of…well, ME…that they’re to go have a nice chat specifically with the Army of God they’re warning me about, no? A chat with, perhaps, some meaningful hefting of firearms and suchlike?

Some security measures are good at reducing the membership of terrorist groups, and some are good at raising the chances of you surviving an attack. The military keep the patriots happy, but won’t actually save you from attack.
The best way to avoid terrorists attacks is to slowly wind down the size of groups without having any sudden shocks. Also, don’t forget that everyone in the game is a proper modelled individual. This means that if religious people are maniacs who want you dead, but every other group is pretty happy, then all of the potential religious terrorists will be too moderated by the other influences in their lives to join a terrorist group.
in other words, in times of government unpopularity, don’t upset anyone. When you are doing well in the polls, feel free to have a crackdown.