Test version 1.17 now (at your own risk etc)

if you want to offer feedback on the next (tomorrow’s hopefully) patch (1.17), you can grab it here now:

positech.co.uk/gratuitousspa … eta117.exe

There is no warranty etc, so if you arent sure about doing it, don’t grab it, but it should be ok. If it all goes wrong you might need a fresh install unless you back everything up first.
Feedback most welcome, although anything new or improved will go in version 1.18, this is just to check I haven’t broken anything or screwed anything up with the 1.17 changes and fixes. Check the readme for the changelist
or here:

===edit this is now live, but the file got updated please redownload and run the above patch if you tried it===

what the f**k is happening? I tried to go to challenges, but when i did, a message popped up saying that GSB has requested that runtime close it in an unusual way. I WANT CHALLENGES >:(

Same as me.

I just noticed a MAJOR flaw in the Cautious order…

Once the ships retreat they do NOT defend themselves. They allow anything to just camp at the side of the screen and blow them all to hell.

Not fun.


Ditto on the challenges crash.

From the support forum:

And challenges are back!