Text editors need a few features


Here are two features I’d like to see in all editable text boxes in the game:

  • Selection with both mouse and keyboard (Shift+arrow keys), then Backspace and Delete keys would work on the selection.
  • Select all shortcut - typically Ctrl-A in Windows apps.

Also, I’ve noticed one case where shortcut keys for something else remain active while typing in a text box.
Specifically, I was editing a custom map and clicked the save button. When typing the name or description for the map, the W/A/S/D keys still scroll the map.
Some other key, not sure which one, apparently did a select all on the map while I was typing in one of those text boxes.


It’d be great to get commas and apostrophes in too. If escaping them is too much hassle then I’ll have to learn not to abbreviate or use compound sentence :slight_smile:


Looks like commas were added in the next patch, but not quotes :frowning:


GTB has, if nothing else, made me realise just how much I use apostrophes when writing, and how weird trying to write without them is. As a routine abuser of commas, however, I am very glad to see those get added in!