Thank you Cliffski

I recently run on this game, and I cannot overstate my joy, excitement, and amusement. This game is brilliant! I love the subject, the gameplay, and the content. I am so happy to see this was done by a few people, and that the project was financially successful. This is great game development. I’m thrilled and a bit jealous :slight_smile:

Me and my cats thank you :smiley:

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Agreed, Cliffski. I can’t say enough good stuff. I’ve recommended it to several friends. My dad, a HUGE fan of Steve Jackson’s Warp Wars, is positively salivating for the Campaign.

Oh, I took the liberty of paying the discount rate on Nomads. I didn’t see the Deluxe Version when I bought through Red Marble. I paid full-bore on the others. I figure it works out.

Keep the faith, 'migo.


In full agreement here. I’ve brought two friends with me and we’re all having fun. Trying to get folks around the world from a pen and paper RPG site to join in the fun, too.

Once the campaign is ready, at least two of use are looking at getting that and Nomads.

I’m hooked!

Same Here!im lovin… errr, very grateful, this game is great. I’ve been watching from the shadows since the game was released, but recently I’ve signed. And the truth is that GSB is developing very fast! I love this game, especially the phase of construction and testing of ships.
I can only say one more thing … must continue this great work! why? BECAUSE WE WANT MOAR!!! XD

As promised… I got Nomads and Campaign. Talking to one friend now that has to wait a couple weeks, but he’s in, too.

Now I have to pick on another friend.

I also feel the need to say thank you. As someone who has a lot of time on their hands, this game is a blessing as it enables me to escape from the every day routine and enter a world of leadership and fantasy :slight_smile:

I would like to add my thanks to the pot.
GSB for me is something that allows me to get away from every day fantasy and nonsence, and get back to real things that matter. I really dont know what would i do without this awesome remote control and management software, my empire would probably be doomed within a few days.

I would also like to say thank you. I downloaded GSB waaay back in June I believe, and loved it. I took a haitus from GSB for around 2 months starting in September, but was just starting to get into replaying it, just as my entire computer died. Regardless, the point I am trying to make is this. I’ve played GSB for months, bought it twice, got all the expansions sans the nomads, and I absolutely love it. So thank you Cliff. Thank you for bringing us this amazing game


Your’e a stone-cold pimp, Cliffski.