Thank you for the minister changes

That one bar you added is very significant, so thank you.

I just had to replace a minister, and one who was listed as being best suited to the job was only 65% suitable while someone who had it listed as their 2nd best option was 89% suitable. Without that bar I would have had no access to that information and simply gotten frustrated when the minister did a bad job without explanation.

However, I have to ask something as follow up: When deciding what sympathies a newly generated minister will have, does the game account for how populated or happy the groups are?

I ask because I’m in my 3rd term and haven’t been shy about my liberal bias. I have also been quite deliberately implementing policies which boost liberalism so that the very angry, very red conservatives can’t influence the election much. It seems odd to me that a minister generated recently when I’ve been playing this way would be loyal to conservatives. Partially because conservatism is now a weird fringe belief system in the society I’ve created (social engineering OP? cough) and certainly anyone with conservative views would be running for the opposition.

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