Thankyou So Much

Love this new version and well worth the wait.
And MASSIVE thankyou for adding whitworth into the towns, it’s such a tiny village it was a total shot in the dark suggesting it (We’re currently fighting to save our last remaining post office that’s how small it is lol)…you may well have given us our one and only claim to fame.
I can see it now, the sign will read “Welcome to whitworth as mentioned in kudos 2” lol

In all seriousness though the game is fantastic and am waiting to see if a cheque goes out at 12.00 tonight taking my last 13 pounds with it :frowning: but if it doesn’t I’m getting this game…if it does I’ll just get it tomorrow, sod the bills lol

And thankyou 4 such a low price also, 12 quid I can afford but would struggle with 20

faith x