The Admiral's Gambit Challenge

I recently posted a decent sized battle (54K) titled The Admiral’s Gambit (1/27/2010). My goal was to make a reasonably challenging scenario using a pretty straight forward strategy.

Please give it a shot and let me know what you think. I appreciate the comments I’ve received so far.

***** Challenge Spoilers *****

Augment commented that I was “sideboarding” with “shield tanks”. I’m not 100% on what the sideboarding comment means (please clarify if you read this Augment), but as for shield tanks, all of my cruisers in that scenario only have three shields which is average for me. When I go heavy shields, I use four or five. I’m guessing the fast lead cruisers with orders to keep moving I used are causing his slow tracking cruiser weapons to miss more, making him think I have heavier shields.

I used lots and lots of fusion beams.

It wasn’t very fun for me, and was very hard. In the end, I had to use the Tribe just to defeat you. And resorting to them bothers me, as I couldn’t win with the Federation no matter the tactic I tried.

Like most scenarios, it’s about finding the right counter to beat the other fleet’s strategy. I don’t have the Tribe expansion, but I did beat it in my testing.

Did you beat it by tanking it with tribe cruisers? Sorry it wasn’t fun for you, I was aiming for something more challenging than my initial fleets.

I used a rather cheap tactic, and maximized my cruiser’s hitpoints; then it was just a matter of closing to range and duking it out.

What bothers me is that none of my front line ships, shielded or armored, survive long enough for my reserve ships to deal enough damage. I’d forgotten that you used 3 shields, but still.

At least you got the challenging part down. :wink: