the Alt+Tab crash

I’m focused on fixing this… as far as I can reproduce it, my findings so far are that:

It NEVER is an issue on the first battle you play.
if you quit a battle mid-fight, then fight another one, it’s fine.
It’s only if you fight a battle to the end, see the end-battle dialog, then go and fight a 2ns battle afterwards and alt+tab out, that it hangs.
Does that match everyone else’s experiences?

edit: think I’ve fixed it :smiley:

I’d not noticed that pattern, but now that you mention it, I think that is true of all the times that I’ve experienced it. Well done on fixing it, anyway :smiley:

I just crashed when alt-tabbing back to the ‘online profile’ page so that I could copy-paste my serial number from the email it’s in.

(As a separate issue, the game didn’t remember the serial number, commander name and regiment name that I entered yesterday - but it did remember my picture).

Ah, just read your bugfix post - I’d guess I’m suffering the ‘hang on alt-tabbing back’ that you’ve already fixed, so I’ll wait impatiently for the next patch.

I’ve been getting this problem both times I’ve booted the game up so far. One was just now where I alt-tabbed out whilst it was “Uploading to Bletchley” and the second time was just after the first campaign. I find it sticking on the “Uploading to Bletchley” for what seems an eternity, and I alt-tabbed to do something more useful with the time it was taking. Couldn’t get back in so had to end it via task manager. Enjoying it so far, but have only scratched the surface.