So, I’m going to try to do the same thing with the GTB beta i did to GSB. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m the guy who first popularized the FT swarm for the campaign. I did it on my first playthrough, and even the patch that seperated pilots and crew (in an attempt to counter this tactic) only delayed the kick-off point.

I’m currently digging through the files of GTB, looking for the best, strongest, and most stupidly broken units in GTB. As such, I’ll need players to play against as i try thing, over and over. Add me, LKohime, and I’ll start sending maps for you to defend, or ask for maps to attack! I’ll eventually get a unit Insignia up on here, but for now? That’s all!


well, I for one am all for finding balance in strategy games (had a looong debate with 123stw about CL back then… good times)

planning to get online set up by tomm, will add you then



Indeed. I’m still looking through the game files, to try and find my starting points

I’ll be interested if anything comes of this. From what I’ve seen so far, it seems like GTB has a lot more in it from the start to try to prevent excessive min/maxing, and I’ve not seen anything yet that doesn’t have a fairly solid counter. In combination with the fact that the enemy can change tactics part way through battle, I’m not sure how breakable GTB will be.


laser > armor > ballistic > shields > laser
MG/flamer > infantry > everythingelse? > MG/flamer

so i’m wondering how are those outside looking? Or if it’s possible to break these loops

missiles? (haven’t used them yet)
infantry possible to resist MG/flamer? (buff armor to hell and things like that?)

On the attacker, I’ve found a unit i can spam to make up ~75%+ of my units, and i’m yet to lose with it yet (have NOT unlocked everything yet, soo…)
As for infantry… If there was a way to make them resist flame, they could be broken. The flamethrower is, by the numbers, the most effective weapon in the game. (look at it!)

Nice, send me a map or script(?) dk how it actually works… but send me that goddamn unit…

side question: which == better? MG or flamer?

EDIT: also right now it seems like missile are the closest thing to OP in defence…

Aye, I have yet to find any downside to missiles.
No drawbacks so far …

Missiles are very effective, and I was loving their infantry killing ability.

Then I put a medium tank onto the field, armed with a super-cooled gatling. That thing just mows down soldiers!

Right now the beta breaker is the repair truck spam. Even in convoy a couple keep each other alive for a long time, get 4-6 of them on a parallel track and it’s 800+ VP pretty much guaranteed against the CPU. A human player can focus fire, but by the time you’ve finished micromanaging that you’re still likely to concede 2-300 and the enemy damage units following up have had free reign to demolish your defences.

Weakness for missiles is their magazine size. That’s not much of a weakness, admittedly :slight_smile:

I’ve played around with Repair Truck spam; all you need is two of them, that tends to do the trick. They’re nice for VP, but haven’t been a make-or-break unit for me yet

not sure if they stack or not…

haven’t exactly pushed this to the extremes but it looks like if rep field stack 4 of those will be utterly OP as well

P.S: glad missiles got nerfed :smiley:

As it doesn’t look like the scripted attack sharing in-game is working yet, unzip the attached file in the
~\Documents\My Games\GratuitousTankBattles\deployments
folder (My Documents, if necessary)

It’ll give you a scripted assault on the second campaign scenario (Verdun) which you can defend by picking ‘Defend’, ‘Scripted’ and picking from the drop-down.

It’s a cheesy Repair Truck spam. If you know it’s coming, you can plan ahead, and I’m sure several people will beat it. It’s still sodding nasty though, and this is on a single-track map. (2.63 KB)