The Big Pharma Lets Play Thread...


First lets play I’ve seen is…


Here is mine:


And another one:


Yogscast sips…


Enter Elysium:


My Let’s Play / beta feedback videos: … QYaNJ0QfZ_


Eine für unsere Deutsch Spielern aus hier


It’ more like “Eins für unsere Deutschen Spieler von

AND MORE IMPORTANT you didn’t mention me :stuck_out_tongue:

Auch deutsch :


Here is the first episode of my Let’s Play of Big Pharma. :slight_smile: If you want to continue watching as it progresses feel free to bookmark the playlist/subscribe etc.

Hope you all enjoy. I know I am enjoying the game a ton! Waited so long for it come out, can hardly believe I’m actually playing it. :slight_smile:


There’s this one :stuck_out_tongue:

Big Pharma - First Impressions (Beta) - Kingy’s Game








Another weird person from New Zealand is doing a Let’s Play.

Uhhhh, I’ll add an image when I get home, until then just a link.


Just Picked up the game on Friday. I think I’ll be playing it quite a bit!

Ben Plays Big Pharma 01 - I’m a Drug Tycoon


Is my first impressions LP, and starting tomorrow I’ll be doing a Strategy & Tactics series on Advanced.


I started a series just today. Kinda messed up the intro. The game is good so far. :smiley: …




Nerdcubed FW - Big Pharma.

The constant exposure might result in positive things.

#20 is the playlist for my Strategy & Tactics series, updating daily Mon-Thurs until the game is complete.