The bug fixes in progress thread (Check here first)

These fixes are pending the release of version 1.16:

[b]Version Beta 1.16 Feb

  1. Fixed crash bug if non-admin on first caching of AI ships.
  2. Fixed crash bug when going to create a enw design from the deployment screen, if non-admin.
  3. Armor that consumes power now displays this stat correctly.
  4. Fixed alt-tab corruption issue from design screen.
  5. Fixed bug where some beam weapons stopped working mid-battle.
  6. Fixed various glowy/rendering issues relating to non-modified ships hulls, or ships in certain design configurations.
  7. Fixed bug where some particle effects from engine glows did not display correctly on the ship editor.
  8. Fixed bug where steam thought game was Democracy 3.
  9. Fixed a number of graphical anomalies when a large ship breaks apart on destruction.
  10. Fixed crash if game attempts to load a deployment that contains a deleted ship design.
  11. Ship design screen now remembers the last ship you were working on and re-opens it automatically.
  12. Battle tutorial and ship in-battle GUI tutorial popups now added.
  13. Ship design rotation speed now matches (hopefully) the in-battle speed.
  14. Some fixes to group-adjustment buttons on the ship design screen.
  15. Ship designer now hides color selections that are not currently applicable.
  16. Research screen now tells you what ship sizes a module can be used on.
  17. Asteroids can now be turned off under options.
  18. Balance: All dreadnought hulls cost increased by 50%.
  19. Balance: Dreadnoughts can no longer use any limpet launcher modules or multi-point tractor beams.
  20. Balance: The heavy pulse laser now has a faster firing time but slower tracking speed.
  21. Balance: Increased the weight and also damage of the Lightning Gun and Pulverizer Beam.
  22. Balance: many dreadnought firing arcs reduced.

Version Beta 1.17 Feb

  1. Added a bunch of new voiceover sounds.
  2. Fixed crash bug relating to very compolex scenes.
  3. You can now place visual components beneath the ship hull.
  4. Fixed GUI issue on R&D screen for modules.
  5. You can now disable the suns lens flare under options.
  6. Added new ‘reset to zero’ button for object rotation on ship design screen.
  7. Choose battle screen now only shows high scores for difficulties that are present.
  8. Module order on design screen is no longer scrambled.
  9. Fixed composite objects shrinking slightly when split in ship visual design screen.
  10. Composite objects on ship visual design screen now have a blue outline.
  11. Fixed some display bugs relating to composite objects on ship visual design screen.
  12. Composite objects now sorted to the bottom on the ship visual design screen.
  13. Engine glows have more variety now, plus contrails and engine glows displayed more sensibly in the ship editor.
  14. Ship visuals editor now shows tooltips & display values for the object sliders.
  15. Crash at end of challenge games now fixed.
  16. Inbox for messages now displayed on online screen.
  17. Pop-up indicator for new messages added to main menu.
  18. new option to send another GSB user a message from the online screen.
  19. Fixed issue where challenge fleets would appear in the wrong place.
  20. Fixed bug where text-entry carat was sometimes in the wrong place.
  21. Balance: Reduced resistance of light and medium shields.
  22. Added new second tutorial mission.
  23. Balance: Ibncreased capability but reduced range of gunship mounted disruptor bomb.
  24. Added new anti-shield bomb for fighters & gunships.
  25. Sounds added for shield impact and failure.
  26. Larger more apparent visual effect for radiation damage.
  27. Added fuel indicator readout when you click on your fighters/gunships for details.

Version Beta 1.18 Feb

  1. Renamed ‘Warhead’ to ‘Payload’ in module descriptions.
  2. Increased the unlock cost of the combat tractor modules relative to the base tractor modules.
  3. All ship modules unlock costs boosted by 50%.
  4. Default setting for MINZOOM in options file is now 0.5, not 1.0
  5. Quitting a battle now takes you to deployment, not the main menu.
  6. Race restrictions now listed on unlockable modules, components and hulls.
  7. Fixed bug where some small fighters with few modules had corrupted ship data displays in battle.
  8. Changed many parameters of the second mission.
  9. In some cases when selecting a new hull, you now get a ‘default’ visual design loaded in as well (if available).
  10. New description variants added for some ship modules.
  11. Balance: Boosted the absorbable damage of powered cruiser/dreadnought armour.
  12. New tutorial pop-up explains what a composite item is when you first select one.
  13. New tutorial pop-up reminds you to try the ship visuals editor.
  14. Implemented a bunch of achievement and challenge tracking stuff that wasn’t finished.
  15. Steam workshop support for refreshing, submitting and updating mods
  16. New sounds added and old sounds tweaked.
  17. Added pop-up edit boxes on visual design for precise editing of ship component parameters.
  18. Ship design screen now blanks out the design name when you change a ship hull, to prevent you forgetting to do this.
  19. Fixed bug where the ship deployment was not remembered if you went to the new design screen and back.
  20. Various tutorial improvements.
  21. Added minimap-buttons for zoom-in and zoom-out.
  22. Changed end-battle dialog box so it shows how honor is calculated.
  23. Fixed bug where interface sound volume slider had no effect.
  24. New system of saving and loading sub-deployments on the deployment screen.
  25. Various GUI tweaks to accommodate new languages.
  26. Fixed bug where formation orders did not always load in correctly.
  27. Increased size of all pulse laser blasts.
  28. Fixed a lot of wrong salvo fire timing inaccuracies.

[b]Version Beta 1.19 Feb

  1. New more helpful text displays instead of ‘no effect’ in battle.
  2. Fixed misleading data around ecm strength.
  3. Added class size text to the in-battle tooltips.
  4. Improved tabbed interface with more data for the end-battle stats.
  5. Fixed bug where the order to target destroyers could be ignored.
  6. Fixed bugs preventing victories and attempts on challenges showing correctly, or challenge thumbnails downloading correctly.
  7. Fixed bug where you cannot load an entire deployment fleet to fight a downloaded challenge.
  8. GUI now shows target proper name, not debug name on the targeting GUI in battles.
  9. Simplified system for quickly and simply posting a ship design as a steam workshop submission added after saving a ship design.
  10. Fixed positioning of online screen for multi-monitor setups.
  11. Added filler background to spare monitors in multi-monitor setups.
  12. Fixed tutorial windows positions for multi-monitor setups.

[b]Version Beta 1.20 March

  1. Edge scroll and keyboard scroll now works in battle when paused.
  2. Added default ship designs for the zyrtari.
  3. Fixed bug where contrails would draw wrongly under rotated light direction in ship designer.
  4. Subtle fill bars behind module element data on design screen now shows the relative value of each of these variables.
  5. Fixed a whole lot of dreadnought hulls so they are easier to select modules on with a small screen.
  6. Fixed bug where non-split composites reset all their data when leaving the design screen.
  7. Increased the fuel capacity of some frigate-launched missiles.
  8. Fixed bug where ship designs may vanish when editing them from the deployment screen.
  9. Fixed bug where light and heavy cruiser shield strength was reversed.
  10. Fixed crash bug when firing target painted missiles at holoprojected decoy ships.
  11. optimized away redundant ship image caching.
  12. Ship graphics cache now auto prunes oldest files to stay below 1 gigabyte.
  13. Added spatial anomalies to most non tutorial missions.
  14. Deployed ships and design icons are now tinted red if they contain modules deactivated by anomalies.
  15. Classes of ships now rendered invisible on deployment screen when prevented by anomalies.
  16. Default engagement ranges for attack orders now set to the longest maximum range of that vessel * 0.8.
  17. Shield resistance of most shield modules has been reduced.
  18. Fixed bug resulting in blank white images on the post-battle stats screen.
  19. Fixed GUI bug where some ‘fluff’ graphics overlapped when assigning orders or editing them.
  20. Initial Support For German, French and Spanish translations.
  21. Fixed bug where items below the hull forget their Z-order when saving and loading.

[b]Version Beta 1.21 March

  1. Fixed a bunch of font errors in non-english versions.
  2. Fixed crash bug when clicking blank module slot on deployment screen.
  3. Added remaining medium and hard deployments.
  4. Increased the missile speed of Frigate based anti-fighter missiles.
  5. Reduced duration of standard ECM shock weapon, fixed missing data for ECM Shock missiles.
  6. Increased rate of fire for cruiser defence laser.
  7. Reduced crew and power requirements of point defense modules.
  8. Reduced crew and power requirements for point defense scanner module.
  9. Frigate radiation gun now actually does radiation damage.
  10. Radiation weapons now show payload and decay stats.
  11. Total conversion mod support: Base game can now be disabled under mods.
  12. Weight-attaching limpet launchers now work correctly.
  13. ‘Enemy Deployment Unknown’ is now drawn in a sensible place and color.
  14. Fixed problems with some achievements not tracking correctly.
  15. Added default ship designs for the Yootan hulls.
  16. Expert mode high scores for all applicable missions now get tracked online.
  17. Retaliation challenges will now work correctly.
  18. Added a bunch of new module graphics for some of the variations.
  19. Fixed various issues/crashes when you fight a challenge using ships named the same as challenge ships.
  20. Added 10 New complex ship hull components for the terrans.
  21. Changed the challenge database updating so you get more immediate updates on changes to attempts, victories etc.
  22. Some new explosion particle effects added.

[b]Version Beta 1.22 March

  1. Added 10 New complex ship hull components for the Zyrtari.
  2. Added 10 New complex ship hull components for the Kraugerisk.
  3. Fixed issue where radiation weapons would sometimes activate shield & armor effects incorrectly upon impact.
  4. Fixed incorrect data for ECM missiles.
  5. Fixed bugs relating to flak damage.
  6. Tutorial now runs again!
  7. Fixed flickering lens streaks on some PCs.
  8. Added new feature: new minimap button launches the in-battle visuals editor dialog.#
  9. Fixed some bugs with square yootan ship hulks.
  10. Added new GUI that displays what mods are installed when you attempt to post a challenge.
  11. Fixed some issues with fighter launch location being strange and appearing to fly through cruisers too often.
  12. Fixed a bug relating to editing designs from the deployment GUI which resulted in temporarily deleted designs.
  13. Right click menu on deployment screen now always displays a cropped design name.
  14. Fixed corrupt text to display radiation damage stat on design screen.
  15. Fixed crash bug when right clicking on a decoy projected ship during battle.
  16. Reduced damage value for multi-warhead missiles.
  17. Increased delay between voiceover mentioning support beams.
  18. Fixed square ship hulk for one yootan component.
  19. Fixed some achievements not tracking incremental progress.
  20. Point defense hits now count towards the missile shield achievement.
  21. Fixed bug where textures would go grey after we pass 1 gig of cached textures.
  22. Fixed seemingly random crash bug relating to decoy projectors.
  23. Fixed an AI bug that meant ships sometimes ignored removal of certain ‘attack’ orders on destroyers,dreadnoughts and gunships.
  24. Languages now have their translated names on the drop-down list.
  25. Various GUI tweaks to accommodate new languages.
  26. Fixed bug where formation orders did not always load in correctly.
  27. Increased size of all pulse laser blasts.

[b]Version Release 1.23 April

  1. Fixed bug where cruiser radiation plasma did no radiation damage.
  2. Decoy projections no longer show a tooltip when inactive.
  3. Fixed bug where victory or defeat music would not trigger correctly.

Version Release 1.24 17th April

  1. Fixed bug where steam workshop downloads were not working correctly.
  2. Some in-battle optimizations.

Version Release 1.25 18th April

  1. Fixed bug with looping sounds.
  2. Fixed bug where ships without shields sometimes had a tooltip showing -1 as shield integrity.
  3. Challenge battles no longer have ‘difficulty’ buttons on the deployment screen (they were irrelevant).
  4. Fixed bug/exploit allowing you to load more fighters onto a cruiser if you edit the cruiser after loading.
  5. Changed steering mechanic for ship AI so that if it needs to take a tight turn, it will slow down so as not to overshoot or go offscreen too often.
  6. Fixed bug where text in language selectiion menu initialized wrong.
  7. Possible end battle crash bug fix.


[b]Version Release 1.26 April

  1. Steam workshop submissions now auto-tag ship designs by size class.
  2. Fixed a bunch of broken hull graphics that used to draw as blank rectangles.
  3. Fixed bug where the ECMBeam Module would still fire after being destroyed.
  4. Fixed bug in serial code validation which failed if the dashes were not entered.
  5. Fixed crash bug when scrolling down on research screen and then selecting a different tab.
  6. Camoflage shield now deactivates when module is destroyed, and cannot re-activate until repaired.
  7. Fixed potential freeze when changing battle speed or ending battle.
  8. Point defense weapons can no longer fire if the module has been destroyed.
  9. Dragged ship design icons now always face the correct way on the deployment screen.
  10. Improved the layout of the yootan sundance dreadnought module slots.
  11. Fixed crash bug when loading a fleet with an exceptionally large formation.
  12. Fixed corrupt Zedong class AI destroyer design with no engines.

[b]Version Release 1.27 April

  1. Fixed incorrect wording in some achievements.
  2. Fixed problems with some achievements not triggering correctly.
  3. The Terran Kennedy class cruiser hull now correctly comes with crew.
  4. Ship hulls now list all hull bonuses, not just the first three, on both hull picker and unlock screen.
  5. The module details window on the deployment screen now auto-sizes depending on how much data needs to be shown.
  6. Fixed bug where the deployment screen design picker did not scroll correctly or show all ship designs in some cases.
  7. Increased unlock costs of a number of items.
  8. Reduced speed and damage of cruiser multiple-warhead missiles.
  9. Right-clicking anywhere on an in-battle ship window will now close it.
  10. Quitting a challenge game mid-battle now eventually returns you to the deployment screen, not challenge list.
  11. Fixed bugs relating to creating composite ship components, rotating and then mirroring them.
  12. Steam workshop ship design submission graphics are now 512x512 instead of 256x256.
  13. Fixed bug where some very long screen-spanning beam lasers would not draw all the time.
  14. Fixed another yootan ship component that became a blank square upon destruction.
  15. Fixed bug where it was possible to have firing arcs that prevented a module from ever firing.
  16. Fixed alt+tab crash.
  17. Fixed invisible fighter-pulse laser graphics.
  18. Fixed rare crash when deleting certain ships on the deployment screen.

[b]Version Release 1.28 April

  1. Mouse wheel now scrolls the message screen inbox.
  2. Inbox now formatted better. Also this screen now has a ‘challenges’ button.
  3. Fixed bug where some combinations of graphics options could result in a blurred white battle screen.
  4. Fixed crash bug in ship design screen when a ship encounters layers with zero physical sprites.
  5. New tutorial message pops up (English only) when you try to save a fighter/gunship design with no engines or fuel tank.
  6. Fixed graphical bug on some resolutions on the ship design screen when changing hull size types.
  7. Ship design loading dialog now sorts by name correctly.
  8. Fixed shader error message / potential problem on ship design screen for screen resolutions of 900 height.
  9. Fixed bug where fighters who started returning to a carrier would not pick a new carrier if their first choice was destroyed.
  10. Fixed cursor flickering on some low-spec machines.
  11. Added new options to the in-battle visual options to toggle on/off asteroids/hulks/nebula clouds.
  12. Increased some module unlock costs.
  13. Support for setting which graphics adapter to use in prefs.ini

[b]Version Release 1.29 April

  1. Mass deployment feature on deployment screen now shows icons at the right angle at all times.
  2. fixed rare crash bug when using decoy projectors.
  3. Fixes to some corrupt Kraugerisk ship hulks.
  4. Fixed bug where some components of ship hulks could be incorrectly colored.
  5. Fixed bug relating to armor stacking penalties and effective armor being miscalculated in some cases.
  6. Fixed bug the formation order in a sub-deployment didn’t load in correctly.
  7. Fixes for some buggy achievements not tracking progress or triggering in all cases.
  8. Identical voice messages now need twice as long a delay between repeats.
  9. Gunships no longer have escape pods.
  10. Damage indicator feedback in-battle adjusted to be less ‘spammy’ when multiple shots hit in close proximity.
  11. Support for new types of mission where deployment zones alternate when used as a challenge.
  12. New mission added (Pyrataxian Ambush).
  13. Range GUI in battles now drawn above planets, by popular demand.
  14. Fixed problems with camoflage shield graphical effect.
  15. Mid-battle and end-battle statistics now track radiation damage in full.
  16. Fixed blank texture for graphlex plating module.
  17. Fixed blank hulk texture for a zyrtari cockpit.
  18. Fixed another mid-battle and end battle sound-related crash bug.
  19. Different shield modules now color shield effects, so the final color is determined by the highest resistance.

[b]Version Release 1.30 May

  1. Propulsion support beams now only target ships that are moving.
  2. Engine exhausts now face the correct angle in battle if they are rotated in the editor.
  3. Limpet GUIs now draw above planets.
  4. Limpet GUI lines now draw even if actual limpet and target are offscreen.
  5. Two new modules added: Repair Limpets and Refuel Limpets to support fighters mid-battle.
  6. Fighters and gunships now correctly distributed amongst carrier modules when more than one is present, so launch faster.
  7. Limpets now have tooltips in battle.
  8. Added another new mission: The Gamorlian Expanse.
  9. Balance:Cruiser Shield Disruptor Missile: Damage increased from 50 to 75.
  10. Balance: Cruiser Shield Disruptor Missile: Missile speed increased from 0.39 to 0.75
  11. Balance: Gunship Disruptor Bomb: Increased damage from 21 to 30.
  12. Balance: Sledgehammer Pulse Cannon Reduced Armor Damage from 75% to 35%.
  13. Balance: Cruiser Pulse Cannon Reduced Armor Damage from 75% to 35%.
  14. Balance: Cruiser Rapid Pulse Cannon Reduced Armor Damage from 75% to 35%.
  15. Balance: Cruiser Heavy Plasma Reduced Armor Penetration from 18 to 13.
  16. Balance: Cruiser Multi Warhead Missile Reduced Armor Damage from 50% to 35%.
  17. Balance: Cruiser Two-Stage Missile Reduced Armor Damage from 50% to 35%.
  18. Balance: Frigate Superseeker Missile Reduced Armor Damage from 50% to 35%.
  19. Balance: Frigate Hyperspeed Missile Reduced Armor Damage from 50% to 35%.
  20. Balance: Frigate Missile Reduced Armor Damage from 50% to 35%.

[b]Version Release 1.31 May

  1. New custom battle feature, combined with scenario editor for custom challenges now added.
  2. Game not longer checks for an achievement incorrectly if the player has not set up an online username.
  3. Fixed lack of scrolling support on the mods browser.
  4. Fixed crash bug when deleting installed mods.
  5. Game no longer attempts to undo splitting a composite in the editor (which would crash…).
  6. Fixed Graphical bug that drew large colored areas sometimes if limpets were launched but never drawn on screen.
  7. Change to turret rendering to preserve detail colors.
  8. Fixed crash bug in German Language version.
  9. Removed that beeping sound nobody liked.
  10. Added module data to design screen showing limpet weights and seek speeds.
  11. Repair and refuel limpets now seek faster
  12. Multi-point tractor beam now has less range and takes longer to recharge.
  13. New option to disable Limpet GUI circles in battle.
  14. Fixed bug when rotating a composite hull item then splitting or saving it.
  15. You can now right-click a ship hull to hide it.

Version Release 1.32 May

  1. Fixed bug where modded modules could not load in correctly.
  2. Changed the way the cautious order works so it takes into account armor and hull combined when calculating current damage.
  3. Fixed crash bug when leaving the custom challenge screen to change race, then returning.
  4. Fixed ship design bug where z-values of items would not always be saved correctly.
  5. Fixed crash bug when deleting items from a ship, toggling to modules view and back, then right clicking. (don’t ask…).
  6. Fixed ship design bug where occasionally some designs seemed incapable of hiding their hull.
  7. Reduced the weight of fighter-mounted torpedoes from 15 to 10.
  8. Fixed bug where composite objects would not retain their composite status or correct rotation speeds when loading and saving.

Version Release 1.33 May

  1. Changed main menu to support new battle mode screen as a GUI for selecting single battles, custom battles, challenges.
  2. Support for -export command line to extract graphical assets out of bitmaps.pak for modders.
  3. Support for -editor shortcut parameter to enable really wonky unsupported Hull Editor for modders.

Version Release 1.34 June

  1. Mission anomalies that affect max range now also have the same effect on minimum range.
  2. Fixed bug where some steam workshop subscriptions would get ‘stuck’ and not appear in game if they were subscribed to without the game running.
  3. Fixed crash bug when rotating a long component near the corner or edge of a ship and then switching to module view.
  4. Open file dialog now dynamically picks correct height.
  5. Shield strength on ship tooltips now reads 0% if shield is currently disrupted.
  6. Fighters now explicitly check range to nearest carrier before deciding to turn around and head back to refuel.
  7. Added Campaign Mode!

Version Release 1.35 July

  1. Fixed bug where mass deploy and edit options were available for campaign deployed ships on right click.
  2. Fixed bug with commas in ship names inside save games.

Version Release 1.36 July

  1. Fixed potential random crash when first starting a battle.
  2. Balance Change: An across-the-board 30% boost in the hit-points of all frigate modules.
  3. Balance Change: Double the damage of frigate anti-fighter missiles from 9 to 18.
  4. Balance Change: 50% boost for the damage from a frigate flak cannon from 5 to 7.5.
  5. Balance Change: 50% Boost for the beam power (time it can stay on) for both frigate tractor beam variants.
  6. Balance Change: Increased the tractor beam recharge rates for frigates by 25%.
  7. Balance Change: Increased the thrust of all frigate engines by 25%.
  8. Balance Change: Increased the shield pen of Heavy beam laser for frigates to 15 so it can now do damage to all frigate shields but plasmatic, and also damage light cruiser shields.
  9. Balance Change: Increased heavy frigate plasma shield penetration from 19 to 23 so it is also a viable option to damage cruisers with heavy shields.
  10. Fixed campaign bug where you could re-deploy already deployed ships.
  11. New Feature: You can assign custom textures to any part of a ship, even modded textures, and include them within challenges, using new right-click option.
  12. Holding down shift now allows for pixel perfect ship design moivement using the arrow keys.

Version Release 1.37 July

  1. Fixed crash bug when viewing ship stats at the end of a battle.
  2. Fixed crash bug when disabling lens flares.

Version Release 1.38 July

  1. Fixed bug when toggling between fleets in a custom map, where the player fleets icons would not re-load.
  2. Fixed bug where ship components that spun are were not composites ignored applied custom textures.
  3. Fixed bug where textures may display wrongly in some cases on the ship design screen.4) Fixed bug where green ship running light did not appear.
  4. F2HullMod 8 can now be colored correctly.
  5. Zyrtari ship components now ordered correctly.
  6. Fixed bug where the game could crash if you beat the first campaign mission when trying to autoload the next one.
  7. Point defense beams now oscillate wildly around missiles traveling too fast for them to intercept.
  8. Weapons that deliberately do zero damage (like decoys) no longer qualify as least damage done in the post-battle stats.
  9. Contrails now correctly drawn even on complex multi-layer fighter & gun ship designs.
  10. Ship module comparison window now shows extra data for shield penetration vs resistance.
  11. Point Defense weapons now display tracking speed.
  12. Missile modules now display missile speed.
  13. Balance Change: Frigate/Destroyer Anti-fighter missile Range boosted from 800 to 900.
  14. Balance Change: Frigate/Destroyer Anti-fighter missile Damage effectiveness changed to 100% vs Hull, 25% vs Shield.
  15. Balance Change: Frigate/Destroyer Anti-fighter missile Firing interval reduced from 2900 to 1500.
  16. Fixed text spillover on the messages screen.
  17. Added new feature: messages in your inbox now contain a button to jump to the challenge if appropriate.
  18. Added new window that shows effectiveness of point defense weapons vs missiles when you select the tracking attribute for one.

[b]Version Release 1.39 August

  1. Visual Change: Shield impact effects now vastly, vastly better :D.
  2. Balance Change: The Frigate & Destroyer-based anti-fighter missile module is now vastly better at hitting fighters.
  3. Bug Fix: Fighters that have taken only armor damage will now get that damage repaired succesfully at a carrier before undocking.
  4. Bug Fix: Fighters returning to carriers will now slow down if their turning circle means they cannot actually dock with the parent carrier.
  5. Changed the way missile speed is displayed so now the values are directly comparable to ship speeds.
  6. Bug Fix: Game no longer crashes if you somehow design a ship where one layer spills out over the edges of the design.
  7. Bug Fix: Fixed text spillover and incorrect scrolling on mods page with lots of mods installed.
  8. Bug Fix: Errors (especially on mod screen) with files not being saved/read back correctly now fixed.
  9. Balance Change: The Cruiser-based anti-fighter missile module is now vastly better at hitting fighters.
  10. Visual Change: New feature (on high detail setting) for shields collapse.
  11. Visual Change: New visuals for radiation effect.

[b]Version Release 1.40 August

  1. Bug Fix: Fixed incorrect second and first-stage speeds for the fast cruiser missile.
  2. Visual Change: Frigate Missiles now have spline paths and rocket trails.
  3. Visual Change: Rocket trails now lighter.
  4. Visual Change: Added beam-convergence effect to the dreadnought fusion cannon and cruiser radiation beam.
  5. Visual Change: Tips of beam lasers are now rounded off correctly.
  6. Visual Change: On max detail, convergence points of converging beam lasers now create spatial distortion waves.
  7. Bug fix: Rocket trails z positions fixed.
  8. Bug fix: Debris Z positions fixed.
  9. Visual Change: Debris now has shadows on high detail
  10. Higher quality explosion effects now used for high-performance PCs on high graphical detail settings.
  11. Bug Fix: Ships with empty design slots were calculating average armor (armor resistance) wrong in battles (but not on design screen).
  12. Bug Fix: Debris from exploding ships expands in a more controlled way now.
  13. Bug Fix: Debris no longer occasionally flicker, or has wrong color.
  14. Bug Fix: Better and smoother turret-tracking.
  15. Bug Fix: Fixed crash bug when comparing the shield penetration of some weapons.
  16. Bug Fix: Fighters now correctly return for refueling even if a carrier module has no repair supplies.
  17. Bug Fix: Fighters now take into account more than 10 docked ships when selecting a carrier module.
  18. Bug Fix: The ! character and % are now usable where they previously were not :D.
  19. Bug Fix: Tooltips from challenge list window now no longer leak through onto challenge details window.
  20. New feature: Delete All messages button added to online screen.
  21. Balance Change: Armor stacking penalty reduced by 5% in all cases.
  22. Balance Change: Cruiser Heavy Shield Strength increased from 200 to 250.
  23. Balance Change: Cruiser Medium Shield Strength increased from 150 to 200.
  24. Balance Change: Cruiser Light Shield Strength increased from 50 to 150.
  25. Balance Change: Cruiser Light Shield Weight reduced from 80 to 70.
  26. Balance Change: Cruiser Shield Caster Recharge reduced from 6 to 5.
  27. Balance Change: Frigate Heavy Shield Strength increased from 30 to 65.
  28. Balance Change: Frigate Medium Shield Strength increased from 70 to 91.
  29. Balance Change: Frigate Light Shield Strength increased from 50 to 70.
  30. Balance Change: Frigate Light Shield Recharge increased from 4 to 6.
  31. Balance Change: Frigate Light Shield Recharge increased from 4 to 6.
  32. Balance Change: Frigate Plasmatic Shield Cost reduced from 110 to 80.
  33. Balance Change: Frigate Fast Recharge Shield Power increased from 16 to 22.[/b]