The changelist Thread

[code]Version 1.01

Initial Beta release

Version 1.02

Bug fixes-
Organ Donation Costs were reversed, now fixed.
Some typos fixed.
Fixed crash when selecting a ‘new policy’ category that was empty.
Fixed crash when saying ‘yes’ to Airport Expansion Dilemma.
Fixed top strip GUI for low resolution layouts.
Reduced impact of technology on retired group size by 33% and doubled it’s effect delay.
Reduced impact of health on retired group size by 33% and added some delay.
Reduced all factors that affect growth in parents group by 50%.
Effect of Air Travel on CO2 now curves upwards and is higher.
GDP, Bus use and Rail use now increases oil demand, cars demand is lower.
Hybrid cars effect of OilDemand is reduced.
Effects of childcare and technology grants on productivity reduced.
Effects of technology on productivity reduced by 25%.
Effect of community policing on liberals reduced.
Effects of prisons on liberals now skewed towards the top end (rehabilitation).
Effect of Disability benefit on euqality halved.
Consumer rights now reduces GDP and upsets the self-employed.
High military spending now upsets liberals.
All impacts on State Employees happiness reduced by 25%.
All impacts on Parents happiness reduced by 25%
All impacts on Religious group membership now take longer to take effect.
Police Drones no longer actually cause crime (mistake!) at lowest levels.
Effect of State Schooling on Education made non-linear.
Effect of Police Force on Crime made non-linear.
Effect of Police Force on Violent Crime made non-linear.
Effect of Private Schools on Education made non-linear.
Effect of State Health Care on Health made non-linear.
Effect of Private Health on Health made non-linear.
Effect of State Health Service on Socialism reduced.
Effects of State Health Service on Socialists and Capitalists reduced.
Effects of Income Tax on Capitalists and Socialists reduced.
Effects of Nobel prize on GDP and Liberals reduced.
Increased cost of State Housing.
Increased cost of State Schools.
Increased cost of State Pensions.
Increased cost of Military.

New version out today:

[code]Version 1.03

Bug Fixes-
Improved logging for shader-related crashes.
Fixed crash bug and other issues if political capital was turned off.
Policy sliders now always show the correct descriptions.
Removed legacy debug window mapped to ‘D’ key.
Election win/loss music now plays at the correct volume.
Curfews now reduce GDP at the top level.
Free School Meals now reduce Obesity.


New version out today:

[code]Version 1.04

Bug Fixes-
Checkbox seelcted graphic is now a tick, which should be mroe intuitive.
Fixed some typos.
Lightened some minister skin tones.
Fixed transparency on one ministerial hairstyle.
Grey lines are now used to show effects that are currently neutral (set to zero).
Improved the smoothness of drawing connecting lines on main GUI.
Fixed crash when selecting ‘summary’ tab on an empty voter group.
Fixed bug where it was possible to fire ministers and there be insufficient replacements.
Fixed crash bug relating to shaders and alt-tabbing when running the game fullscreen.
GM food approval now pleases, not angers capitalists!(ooops).
Detention without trial policy now harms foreign relations.
Monorail policy now only affects CO2 through car reduction, and reduces car usage more.
WelfareFraud Dept policy incomke is now scaled by the level of housing/disability/child/unemployed benefits.
Increased the strength of the BorderControls policy for the USA mission.
Reduced impact of BorderControls policy on Immigration.
Added new effect from Foreign Relations to Immigration.
Negative health effects from drugs is not a curve, skewed to harder drugs.
Oil price Shock event now affects the oil supply, not demand.
Maximum cost of the RoadBuilding policy increased by 20%.
Reduced effect of legal aid on socialists by 50%
Reduced effect of Inheritance Tax on socialists by 50%
Reduced effect of Income tax on socialists by 25%
Reduced liberal anger at CCTV Cameras by 25%
Reduced liberal anger at Border Controls by 25%
Reduced liberal anger at homelessness by 25%
Increased delay on effect of inheritance tax on euqality to 24 turns.
Fixed wrong equation(backwards!) for the effects of unemployment on immigration. High unemployment now reduces immigration.
New Content:
Added new simulation value: Legal Drug Consumption.
Added new policy: Recreational Drugs Tax.[/code]

New version out today:

[code]Version 1.05

Bug Fixes-
Some achievements that previously did not register are now being triggered correctly.
Fixed wrong values for liberals in school sponsorship dilemma.
Fixed misleading wording on sales tax description.
Next-turn processing/loading screen is now more obvious when it has finished.
Possible corruption in fireworks effect hopefully now fixed.
Halved the effect on socialist/capitalist membership caused by market meltdowns.
Halved the boost given to socialists for income tax.
Reduced impact of equality on socialists.
Added a negative impact on socialists happiness for high unemployment.
GDP is slightly less dependent on the global economy now.
GDP is less affected by technology situations now.
School sponsorship dilemma now affects socialists and capitalists.
Child Labour Law dilemma is less predictable now.
All of the effects of Tobacco tax are now scaled by Tobacco Use.
Private prisons now both anger and please liberals depending on the level of spending.
New Content:
Modding sliders is now correctly supported.
Credit Ratings events now tell you the current credit rating.[/code]

[code]Version 1.06

Bug Fixes-
Fixed bug in ban fox hunting dilemma.
Fixed some typos.[/code]

[code]Version 1.07

Bug Fixes-
Fixed bug where new save games would not show up until restart in the load game menu.
Possible fix for some startup / screen-resolution changing bugs.
Fixed bug where gods kingom and socialist paradise achievements were not triggering correctly.
Fixed crash/freeze bug on election wins and achievements in certain circumstances.
New Content:
Added new option to disable assassinations entirely.
Tooltips added to options screen checkboxes.
Added credits to main menu.[/code]

New version!

[code]Version 1.08

Bug Fixes-
Fixed broken interest rate code that allowed negative interest rates.
Fixed bug where the political compass only recorded the first 50 entries instead of the last.
Increased the top cost of national service from 80 to 1000.
Fixed issue where consumer rights affected self employed group twice.
Effect of GDP on environment increased and made non linear.
Effect of science funding on technology made slower.
Effect of technology colleges and grants on technology made slower.
Carbon tax hurts GDP more and the effect is now non linear.
Global Economy now affects oil demand.
Immigration now affects state housing cost.
Effects of state health service,schools,pensions and housing on socialist membership all reduced.
Effect of foreign aid and legal aid on socialist happiness reduced.
Disability Benefit now upsets capitalists less and reduces inequality less.
UK now starts later in the global economic cycle.
Removed some redundant effects that boosted technological advantage too much.
Effect of recycling on environmentalists reduced.
Effect of pollution controls on environmentalists reduced.
Productivity can now raise or lower unemployment.
New Content:
Support for new system of player-overrides that take effect globally.
Support for mods to have global overrides.
Added new simulation value of Currency Strength.
Minister loyalties now get a slight boost after each re-election.
New option to have randomised mission start values in the options screen.[/code]

New version!

[code]Version 1.09

Bug Fixes-
Fixed bug where escape key allowed you to quit from policy screen without confirming changes.
New system to detect if the game can’t run fullscreen the first time, and force a windowed run on second attempt.
german characters now render correctly.
New Content:
Support for steam workshop.
Better mod browsing interface and link to modding website.
Ability to delete and thus uninstall a mod from the GUI.[/code]

New version:

[code]Version 1.10

Bug Fixes-
Game enforces safe filenames now when typing a save game.
Fixed bug where subscribing to a bunch of steam workshop mods at once resulted in only one downloading.
Fix rendering bug on mod browser with lots of mods in list.
Private Health care now helps to trigger disease cured event.
Racial tension and Religious membership now contribute towards Church Attacked event.
Embassy Attacked event is now affected by Foreign Relations.
Bird Flu event now affected by Air Travel, Health and Tourism.
Health nowe affects probability of school shootings.
National service now slightly prevents embassys being attacked and islands being invaded.
The Death penalty now upsets religious voters.
The environment now has a (both positive and negative) impact on tourism.
Religious group membership now has a slight reducing effect on antisocial behavior.
Effect of equality on Crime Rate changed. Low equality can now boost Crime.
Effect of poverty on crime not stronger and non-linear.
Effect of CCTV Cameras on crime is now smaller and non-linear.
Effect of Wire Tapping on Crime Rate reduced.
Effect of Police Drones on Crime rate reduced.
Effect of Child Benefit on Equality reduced.
Impact of media backlash event is now stronger.
Effect of car emissions limits on environemntalists reduced.
Effect of pollution controls on environmentalists reduced.
One of the speed camera effects on motorists now corrected so it affects income.
New Content:
Added new tab to show changes since election to the election results screen.[/code]

Mac + Linux 1.10 Changelist

The Mac and Linux 1.10 versions have now been released which brings feature parity to the Windows 1.10 release.

Mac/Linux Specific Changes are:
    Fix crash during transitions on older graphics hardware
    Fix case-sensitivity issues when loading certain mods & files.
    Fix directory traversal code to work properly on 64-bit filesystems such as JFS. 
    Added easy-access button in Mods menu to open the game-folder for creating mods.
    Added cleaner mod integration - easy install (for non-steam workshop mods
      - on linux - dragging a mod ".zip" onto the game window
      - on Mac OS X - dragging a mod ".zip" onto the game icon

[code]Version 1.11

New Content:
Added new mid-game compass feature to the polls screen.
Support for German language.
Ministers are now drawn from a more random group of voter types.
Ministers no longer degrade loyalty over time when their parent groups are very happy.

Version 1.12

Bug Fixes:
Fixed some weird text bugs in the tutorial.
Fixed some crash bugs in social engineering dlc
Fixed issue where the status of mods in the mod control panel was not updating on the scrollable list when toggled.[/code]

[code]Version 1.14

GUI Changes:
The list of mods now shows green for enabled and red for disabled in both the list and the selected mod.
The delete mod button has been moved to the mod details screen.
Main menu and loading screen now supports screen resolutions larger than 2048 width better.
Polling screen, New policy screen and achievements screen are now larger on high resolutions.
Minimum res (1024) now no longer crops the voter type names on the polls screen.[/code]


But what changes have been made for version 1.15?

Cliff are you able to support different characters in the game as I create country mods some currencies are unable to be display and some names which have accents on letters are unable to be displayed as well.