The civil service

I have known some people who work in the civil service, and there is a massive disconnect between reality and how a feature of this game works. The day after an election, when a whole new party, whole new cabinet, and whole new set of ministers are in change, is just another Wednesday to the civil service. The day after a cabinet shuffle is just another Thursday, and the day after a high profile resignation is just another Tuesday. For all the fireworks and fanfare of top end politics, for the paper pushers life just goes on.

I just had a game where the rare earth metals industry collapsed over night because a minister resigned, then the revenue service forgot how to collect 10s of billions of dollars because another minister resigned…I know I’ve complained about ministers a lot in the past so I won’t write much more up, but they are what makes me quit this game.


I think this may be a balancing issue by extension. By nerfing Minister effectiveness, you’re also making it easier for players to run without ministers almost. I do really like the idea of the civil service being represented, the good and the bad. Maybe a minister has a bad relationship with the civil service (they’re a bully) or if they resign in protest of you, the department may run lesser because they had a good relationship with them and believed in their ability to lead.

Tie some funding to it to boost effectiveness or a policy or two, and I think that’s a decent expansion of the game. Definitely worth considering


Yes, I can see this as something that should be worked on, and I believe if we raise it enough number of times, Cliff will increase its priority status on his to do list.