The Cloak.

I don’t know. I don’t use carriers OR cloaks.

maybe a slider under cloaking

enable %cloaking at a distance and/or damage taken,

I was just about to suggest that. Seems easiet.

Sounds like in a general sense we are mostly agreed on two things about the cloak:

  1. Not especially impressed with how it actually functions - people who use cloaks seem to use them more for the giant HP boost the module represents rather than for the ability for a ship to disappear.
  2. Also not impressed with the way our ship captains use the cloak - we need one or more orders to allow us to dictate at least a portion of when the ship bothers with cloaking and when it instead focuses on shooting the enemy.

The initial cloak charge values seem to be random, as per the goofy group behavior at the start of a mission.

Captains appear to fire the cloak off for a duration whenever guns are idle and the module is charged. That’s why near death ships always seem to go into cloak - their guns are wrecked but that module has ridiculous survivability - but it also means a long duration cloak sometimes gets fired in that small window during a target switch when the guns aren’t shooting.

Even if we had additional input, I’m not sure there’s a good way to make that system work.

we need to be able to dictate the cloack to damage the ship has (like cautious) and give it a range % for the types of ships as well so that you could tell a frigate to cloak vs fighter bombers but uncloak Vs Cruisers or opposite if it were a Support ship/Carrier.

I would like to see the Cloak used in conjunction with cautious, when after %dam the ship cloaks and attempte to run away to repair or replendish shields (do ships that do this under cautious return to battle once repaired?)

I think a sub idea is good: uncloak and fire, Re-cloak. Good for spinal mounts.