The country expansion pack DLC thread

I thought it was about time I announced the fact that yes, there will be another expansion to the game, and it will be adding additional playable countries. The countries planned for this expansion are:

  1. Greece
  2. Ireland
  3. Poland
  4. Switzerland
  5. Turkey
  6. Brazil

Here is the current progress and todo list:

  • Initial statistics for each country 100% DONE
  • Country descriptions 100% DONE
  • Map icon and flag icons 100% DONE
  • Initial policy positions: 55% DONE
  • Extra dilemmas TODO
  • Extra Events TODO
  • Extra Situations TODO
  • Country specific simulation overrides TODO
  • Translation of all text into all languages TODO
  • Testing TODO

Suggestions relating to these countries are most welcome. The majority of the work is researching appropriate values for all of the potential policy positions for the start of the game, which I am gradually working through. Its definitely another few months work to get everything done, tested and balanced.

Let me know what you think.


any chance of the existing mission presets getting reviewed?

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Switzerland has a very unique election system, you see, presidents only have 1 year turn and serve as representers of their country but doesn’t have legislative powers, only citizens can come up with a policy and get citizens to vote for a law. There’s political parties but they don’t quite matter and don’t even have to rival against each other.
Also switzerland have separate laws for its cantons (It’s like the states from USA).

So I was wondering, how’s switzerland going to be implemented if they’re a country with a very unique political system?

There won’t be your cup of tea arguments with “public party go elect us, opposition evil!!”

Excited to see if Switzerland’s going to be implemented!!