The definitive achievements requirements!

Is it possible you could reset the Subsidy Sam achievement? It unlocked for me just by opening the game. 80% of players have it

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How do you get Successful Liar achievement? I did the following:

-Make a pledge (which expires at the end of the next legislature).
-Wait to the elections and be elected.
-Wait the whole legislature, not fulfilling the pledge, and at some point make another pledge.
-Win the elections (the first pledge expires without being fulfilled).
-Wait the whole legislature, not fulfilling the pledge.
-Win the elections (the second pledge expires without being fulfilled).

But I didn’t get the achievement. Why could it be?

The other two achievements I still didn’t get are Bulletproof Politics and Apocalypse Now, but I think it must be just a matter of patience.

Apocalypse Now requires cyclones, which are impossible to trigger it seems.

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Bulletproof requires you to survive more than 3 assassination attempts in a single game.
It might be that cyclones requires a bump in likelihood…

Regarding liar, you need to break 3 pledges in a single election for it to be considered an election won on lies, and you need to have won 2 or more election on lies (in any number of games) to get that achievement.

I can see 63 successful liars playing 1.15, so its definitely doable.
26 bulletproof, only 2 have got apocalypse now in the latest version.

So cyclones are still too hard to get, maybe quadruple effect of CO2 emissions on temperature so it can be actually maxed out.

Cyclones are now easier, and some other changes have been made too, including an achievement bug fix…

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I have finally gotten Cyclones, but I still don’t get the achievement. When you get cyclones is that over 66% or do I still have to increase Average Temperature (global CO2 Emissions never seem to increase)?

I think you need them all at once. If it seems too impossible still, then we may relax that temperature requirement a bit more…