The Demo

Is the Demo really only one turn?

Every time I do anything, the demo ends.

Write a song, demo ends,

Hire a band member, demo ends,

End the turn, demo ends.

Is the demo really that short? It would be nice to at least write a song, get a band and perhaps see what gigs are like…

I’m sorry, I understand the worth of keeping the demo short to sell the game, but it’s not much of a demo :frowning:

No. it should go on for longer than one turn.
When I played with the demo, I got a full band together, wrote several songs, had quite a few gigs.

Hmmm. That’s sort of what I thought, I wonder what could be wrong.

The demo is rediculously short, just three turns for me, plus the added bonus of a runtime error if I try and start a new game immediately after the promotion page.

That’s strange, the demo lasted quite a few turn for me… Recruiting band, writting songs, made a bit of gigs, then it ends.

That’s why I’m wondering if it’s a bug.

I would sure love to hear the “official” word on the matter.

I’m not the official word, but do you have the latest video and sound drivers for your computer? That is almost often the issue.

Ditto on the 3-turn ending for me. Just downloaded the demo today; maybe it’s a bug in the latest version?

Had the same problem, 3-4 turns and the demo ended.
A bit disappointing really and made me a bit hesitant to buy the game.
But I took a chance and did it and it was worth it. :smiley:

I’d have bought the game too but I noticed that there are bugs with buying high priced items without owning the lower price equivelents. Seems like a bit of an oversight. I’ll probably pick it up when these issues are sorted out.

I’ve been away from holiday, the game should have about 60 turns in the demo as I recall. I will investigate immediately.

fixed: … =4250#4250