The development trello board (progress!)

If you want to follow along with what we are doing / planning to do during early access and alpha, here is our development trello board for all to view:


Great to see what’s upcoming and very excited for the Alpha being released tomorrow - it will be great to see what’s changed behind the scenes (ie - how easy will it be to create a socialist haven compared to before)

There was mention in one of the recent blogs of someone who enjoyed the previous game to do a Greek translation - is this something that may be considered or looked in to? I realise it will be less ‘cost effective’ as the player base will be a lot less, but they may also be cheaper to work in comparison to the main languages. I hope you consider it/check it out :slight_smile:

Thanks for setting up a public Trello board, I find it is a great initiative.

Will this board be the way for us to report issues with the game?

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not directly, but if you post about an issue on the forum, i’ll add it to the board, otherwise we may get duplicates, this way we can keep track of what we know (as coders) is or is not the same issue.


I already found the first bug, i don’t know where to report them so for now i’ll just post it here:

When i clicked on ‘reshuffle the cabinet’ the game simply crashes.

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Game crashes when i alt+tab out

Yikes. is it fullscreen, with the fullscreen button ticked on the options screen? Do you know what video card you have? whats the screen resolution its set at (and also the native desktop resolution for your monitor)

Another bug found: When quickly scrolling through the election results/changes list for the first time after an election, the window temporarily flickers green and orange as I scroll down, likely a visual bug involving the animated arrows. Not game breaking but annoying and maybe not optimal in case the player has epilepsy or something like that.

interesting, I shall try to reproduce

Maybe I should mention I have a 144hz monitor and the lower frame rate screen capture didn’t catch all the flickers, but this is what happens every time I open the changes list.

Whenever I press space while naming parties it is entered twice.
Bottom of game window cropped out in full screen resolution on my laptop (Monitor 1366 * 768)
The ‘Quit Tutorial Advisor’ button often doesn’t work. The advisor keeps returning which may be deliberate but often selection the option doesn’t make the advisor disappear at all.
The names of politicians on the compass also overlap, in particular who I imagine to be Barack Obama and Margret Thatcher took effort to make out.
My current game can’t progress as game crashes on turn end with the Debug line:
Failed to find neuron:D:\programming\democracy 4\builds\Democracy4\src_all_operating_systems\sim\SIM_Neuron.cpp 427
When selecting end turn with policies filtered by popularity they all appear as moderately unpopular on new turn
The Blue background which appears when hovering over ministers is liable to slowly shrink upwards making it difficult to read against the background

Thanks for the feedback. That blue tooltip bug is a known thing we are working on.

A few of these are due to your screen size. Is that a really old, or really small laptop? we have a minimum height of 800 pixels, and basically the game cannot fit on a screen thats smaller than that properly without there being issues.

The tutorial thing is deliberate but likely just needs renaming. it basically means ‘quit this group of windows’

I’ll look into the other issues you mentioned.

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Would it be safe to say stuff that doesn’t appear on the board isn’t gonna happen?

it just means it wont happen yet

if you regrab the installer (1.03a now) this should be fixed!

Fair enough lol, I forget not everyone chucks everything they are considering into their tracker

Small bug:
In the main menu, in the compass, when you press the local button, it makes the font darker everytime you press it

ha, nice bug. will fix…

Another small bug: The first option for Selective Schooling is NOSELECTION instead of NO SELECTION.