The Distance to Work

Not sure if this should go in the modding section or not, but anyway…

I have noticed in Kudos 2 that its different to Kudos 1 in the distance it is to get to a job, I find most of the jobs available are always way beyond the walk/skateboard/bicycle limit, where as in the old Kudos there were more you could use cheaper transport to. I’ve noticed a few posts on the forum that people have said they have gone back to lesser jobs because its just not worth the extra distance you have to travel to the better job.

The distance is also random, on each “new game” you start those distances will change, but will remain for that job throughout that game. I have actually started a “new game” a few times merely looking at the distance to jobs to see if the ones I am planning on going for, get down to reasonable distances.

So, with this in mind, there must be something somewhere in the game that sets a random number which is applied at the start of the game to work out job distances. Does anyone know what and where this variable is? I know Cliffski is away on holidays, but maybe someone else knows? I think it would make the game a little more balanced if this variable could be reduced a touch, rather then finding any half decent job is over 20m away.

I don’t know where that value is, but you can edit the commute.csv file to change the maximum range of each type of transport. That accomplishes the same thing, more or less.

In my current game, my character is taking the bus 21 miles each way. It’s…problematic.

Yeah I did this a bit, changing the max distance for the bicycle etc, but that just leads to more unbalance due to the per mile scripts employed. So I figure rather then recreating the entire commute.csv theres got to ba one little variable somewhere that can be edited.

I actually even tried to add a few commute methods of my own but for some reason they were never selectable in the game, they showed up fine, one could just never choose that mode of transport. Musta screwed up somewhere with that :slight_smile:

I tried that with rollerblades, and it didn’t work either. I thought it was just my being an incompetent modder. :slight_smile:

What’s the limit with rollerblades? I’ve never tried them out before.

That’s because they’re not in the original game. It was a mod I was trying to add into the game…it failed. :slight_smile: