The effect of indulgent food???


what are the good effects of [size=150]indulgent [/size]food? In the game it is declared that indulgent food is tasty; on the other hand, healthy food is “nice”: is nice less tasty? Does that mean, you eat more (indulgent) food and therefore gain more weight, or are there some game-progress-wise-positive side effects too, like… umm… time spare?

I’m not an expert or anything, but in my view the whole point of indulgent food is that because of salt/fats you eat faster and also you don’t feel so full, consequently you overeat, and in addition it takes much longer to digest the food, altogether indicating you don’t get hungry so soon. The good effect would then be more time to do other things (not just eating; people who eat just healthy often feel the need to eat often, like 5 times per day) beside eating.

The (possibly unhealthy) sweets, that (must, otherwise you feel too sleepy?) come at the end, help to compensate the laziness followed by indulgent food intake by enabling temporal energy boost. This in turn makes you socialise more actively, but the effect doesn’t last long, so you become tired somewhat soon and go to rest.

In my opinion, the effect of healthy foods should be weight decrease + notable health gain + small tiredness decrease,
and the effect of indulgent foods should be one more activity the next day :stuck_out_tongue:
Why? Because you make the same social impression/acquire the same benefits this evening in shorter time and you go to sleep earlier, get more rest, feel more guilty the next morning, thus go to work earlier the next day, eat more healthy light meals during days, as a result work more efficient, leave earlier – also due to more passionate social performance at the workplace related to intensive social occurrence previous evening – , forgetting to do some minor less important stuff and obtain time for additional activity! :smiley:

What do you think? Seriously, how is the effect of indulgent foods accomplished in reality (present Kudos game)?

as I recall indulgent makes your weight rise and your happiness rise, there may be some other effects too.