The Empire

Why the crap can’t i use the Empire effectively. The shields go down almost instantly and my fleet gets wiped out before destroying anything. Am i doing something wrong? Can anyone give e tips on how to properly use the Empire? if there are any?

There are a few tips here:


The general consensus, though, seems to be that the Empire is the toughest race to play with. Huge ships makes for poorly focused fire and massive shield bubbles means that fighters can pose more of a problem for them than any of the other stock races.

Empire the toughest race to play with? I find Alliance to be a lot more challenging. On my Empire fleets I use lots of shields and missiles. I beat everything with it!

Indeed. The Alliance are the only race I have yet to hit any stride with, primarily because their native bonus is armor, which I don’t use very much because the whole armor system is very counter-intuitive to me. For the Empire, I heap on the shields pretty good and rely on missiles and the Imperial Beam Laser.