The Environment actually increases Pollution. Bug?


Hi, I think The Environment in Pollution Causes should be red, not green. Good Environment prevents pollution, not make it, right?


The actual environnement cause pollution. Environnement in sense of all factors that influence it. Pollution is considered as a result of environnement’s factors.


Hi, I think you are looking at it wrong. The damage done to your environment has triggered a pollution situation, I’d guess your environment stat is really low…


Hmm, ok, thanks.


Yeah, you are misunderstanding the colours. Green means increasing, red means decreasing. So a bad environment is increasing pollution, represented by a green bar / green arrow. A good environment would decrease pollution, represented by a red bar / red arrow.


But this is not philosophy lecture, all the other bars work the other way


NO, he is right, my pollution control policies are acting against the environment, what’s up with that?


okay, it seems like it created a peak, but is decreasing now. Odd.