The favorite map thread

Ok it’s time to vote for your favorite map :smiley: I;'ll start us off with this one: The fourth campaign map (and the first true night time map). I give you…

Bear north on Rue de Saint-Eloi

I mainly love it because it gets very frantic as defender, and the night-time laser effects can look really cool :smiley:


“Right you are men, so as it turns its quite easy to get a tad disorientated in a dense forest, but now we’ve confounded Jerry by our retrograde advance into France, the plan is to stealthily move forward again at nightfall. The Great Bear of a north star will be our guide and if it’s a tad overcast we’ll follow our noses towards the sweet smell of victory or the putrid smell of sauerkraut. We’ll give Jerry a wake-up call he won’t forget in a hurry. Look smart and this cunning dark deed will be the spark that ignites the flame to light the torch that signals the finishing line of this marathon of a Great War.”


Actually I’m a big fan of the third map, the first really difficult one with the two parralel roads, that is set in a forest.
Maybe it’s because I got really stuck on that one as attacker and played through it about a bazillion times :smiley: