The features I would love to be seen added to the game


Democracy 3 with its DLCs is a really fun game to play.
With every DLC a lot of Policies are added to the game, but it feels that Democracy doesn’t need
100 more Policies, but more complex simulations.

I’m thinking of Stock Market, Inflation, Money Supply and more impact of foreign countries.

Personally, I think it has room for a few politically incorrect expansions
One I had in mind is ‘new world order’ expansion featuring more foreign relation policies that directs to different region of the world, there will be five high influence organisation: Intelligence, mass media, resource cartel and military complex plus banking relations. These five group and make or break your political life and players life, even you had 90 precent support.
A new section call back room politics relations should be added with another set of political capital: back room deals capital. So one set is for policies towards the country, the other set is for balancing the needs of the five high influence groups.
Another set of policies are directed separately to please these five organisation mentioned above, maintain a balance that no one group is overly satisfied with one felt left out. Cause one of these groups who felt left out will generate a mass for you to tackle or have you die by accident or assassin, they would also contribute to your reelection by manipulating the mass for a short period of time. (The extremist group thread should be scaled down as they are not much a thread in real life compare to those mentioned ones.)

Some event off the head by these groups can be: media smear campaign towards opposition if the media cartel is pleased or the opposite, an oversea military crisis can be generated to please the military industrial complex to get more weapons sold, low interest rate policy to please the bankers would lead to short economic boom but horrible bankrupt the nation burst, intelligence organisation can mis report or over look some info and have player killed to get an unexpected game over or they would give you extra capital on rival parties or rival countries.
player can adjust scales in balancing whether these groups gets their way or limit their acts.

If this layer is implemented, the game will be one step closer to the perfect political simulator in history.

I have two suggestions for expanding on the existing gameplay model, that if Positech could do it would be great.

  1. It would be awesome if the game didn’t end at being assassinated. There should be a feature where your party loses elections and has to navigate being an opposition or third party. It would add a lot of life to the game, and extend the amount of turns and possibilities one has.

  2. It would also be great if online multiplayer was added. These can be multiple parties competing in the same nation to win votes and influence policy. This way, it is not only a policy simulator, it’s a campaigning simulator.

The thing I’d most want to see is for the “Implement New Policies” area to contain all policies, situations and simulations, whether selected or not, in separate tabs. Purchased policies would have their own new tab, as would simulations and situations (probably a few tabs) with the option to use the sliders on purchased policies. There would be check boxes to have them appear on the main screen as a bubble. There would be three classes to choose from as a modder ideally - those that are optionally on the main screen, those that are always on the main screen, and those that are only on the Implement Policies window.

This would add to both modding and regular game play I think. As a regular gamer you are now able to limit your vision selectively and highlight areas of importance, further tailoring game play to each individual, even though you have just as much total information available to you as before. As a modder it increases the amount of things you can add without crowding and adds a new option to modding, which is always good. By making certain policies and simulations mandatory to be a bubble, and others mandatory to be on the more obscure menu page, you add more flavor when playing a certain country for example, or a political persuasion. It isn’t a substantive change to game play, it’s just a matter of perspective.

Hi semibaron,

for your request you can try the following mods, which can also be found on steam: