The Fit Engine Unit is VERY hard to keep supplied (too many valves?)

I’ve just bought the game, and it seems to me that the Fit Engine part of the Production line is a real bottleneck from the start.

A 4x4 supply area seems to need (per car):

1 flywheel (clutch?)
1 starter motor
12 valves
1 radiator
1 exhaust
4 wheels
4 tires
1 (4?) brakes
1 steering column
1 steering wheel

While each ‘palette’ in the stockpile can store more than one component, the game seems to prioritise 12 PALETTES of valves, enough for 6 cars worth. So 62.5% of the stockpile space is useless at any one time until the valves are fitted. The game seems to use all 12 palettes, when it is time for the valves to be fitted,.

Yup, I’m aware of this annoying bottleneck. My plan is to fix this by developing a secondary production line just for engines, so the engine assembly will instead of fitting valves, it will fit the ‘engine block’. The engine block will be assembled by ‘make engine block’ which will require valves, pistons and probably something else!

So you will be able to make engines separate to the car then join the two of them.

At the same time I suspect I’ll rename valves to ‘valve pairs’ and only require half as many per engine.

Thanks for acknowledging this. Wouldn’t an alternative be to just make sure there are only 2 palettes of valves in the local stockpile? That would mean that 1 engine needed 16 palettes (given that some palettes hold more than one engine part).


I was wondering why each single valve has to be manufactured, moved and stored.
Having sets of 4 valves would still allow to expanding the range of engines (for high performance engines with 6 or 8 cylinders á 2 valves per cylinder = 12 or 16 valves per engine) but would decrease the trouble at the Resource Importer as wall as at any slot for fitting valves.
the component icon ingame shows a set of six valves so this is also not corresponding to amount of moved/stored/used valves.

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It was annoying but I just built 2 valve manufacturing areas. The thing that really bugged me is that the model shows 6 valves but each unit is equal to 1. :confused: :smiley: It’s okay. Having a blast with this game. I’d like to be able to set the cylinder count in the future when we get different chassis choices.

Yeah, it’s the optimal way by looking for car manufactures today!
Cant wait for it!

The “Fit Body” unit is a bumper hoarder just like “Fit Engine” likes valves. I had 4 bumpers each (front & rear). It also likes extra hoods and trunks. :smiley: Also, “Fit Accessories” hoards windscreens (3-4) and seats (6).

They turn into hoarders after the initial fitting. :wink:

Bu, on the 4*4 stockpile, on “Fit Body”, isn’t there always a complete set of what’s needed for a car? There isn’t on “Fit Engine”.

Actually, stockpile would be enough for the engine because only 8 valves are currently needed. And, the stockpile contains max 36 parts, the engine needs only 26 parts so it would hold all accessory parts for a car too. :slight_smile: Because of hoarding valves I used a nearby stockpile to help 2 engine fittings to keep up with parts for 2 complete sets excluding valves + a set of lights for the accessory unit.

My point was to let Cliffski know about the part hoarding trait of two other starting fitting station units. Maybe it’s intended to give a puzzle to the player. If parts moved swiftly enough from the importer to the fitting unit, the game would be too easy… :wink: