the fourm hates me

I’m finding it VERY hard to actually submit posts. every time I click “sumbit” it asks me to long back in and then takes me back to the main fourms page…I’ve tried to post a message no less than 9 times already!

it’s like after 3-5 clicks of the mouse the website doesn’t recognize I’m logged in anymore.

Are you using Firefox? I had similar login issues with these forums while using it.

no I’m not, I’m using AOL, which has NEVER given me this problem before.

phpbb can sometimes get like this. I’ve noticed it on other forums. The only solutioon I found was to totally wipe all your browser history, cookies and downlaoded cached stuff too. Then they seem to work fine.

well guess what…I did all that and it still won’t cooperate! though now it only seems to get pissy when I try to post anything, soon as I click “submit” the forum decides to say: “you’re not logged on right now sorry”

Are you using internet explorer? If so, try the ‘inprivate’ browsing. That way you KNWO none of any cached stuff is being referenced. I did some website stuff recently and found both firefox and IE were VERY reluctant to actually seriously refresh a page without using cached stuff. Quite annoying.

how are you posting all this?