The FREE weekend

GSB is FREE on steam this weekend, plus all the content on there is heavily discounted for the weekend. Tell your friends!

i don’t supposes this gives me a free trial of the outcast?

I’m afraid it’s only the base game :smiley:

Before I feel a bit ripped off, is this free version permanent or just a demo version which only lasts the weekend?

“Play the game for free until Sunday at 1PM”


OK THIS explains why there are so many challenges. Cripes I’ve never seen anything like it. Been playing regular for months. I just start finally posting some challenges and myself and some of the very regular names play them, then bam today I see more challenges listed in an hour than a week normally. Great for the game but wow so many its hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Oh well lets have fun and hope plenty of them buy and stay and play :slight_smile:

time to ge beat all of them with my super pretorian industries fleet