The game and Expansions transfering to new comp.

Hello, all just putting this out here wondering what i should do and if anyone has any suggestions for me…

I brought the gsb on my old computer via impulse and have had a blast with the game and i grabbed myself the galactic conquest expansion, along the way i also decided to get myself the packs for the tribe the swarm and the order and the nomads (now these i didn’t get no impulse and can’t find my emails from the online store i purchased them from) Since I would obviously first like to get these again without rebuying before Ii retire my old computer I was wondering if anyone knows how I would go about finding what serial codes I have in game/install folder to allow me to redownload without buying again.

If there isn’t a way to really pull this information back up I’d rebuy the packs as it’s a great game and i love the race options, i’m going to be buying the parasite pack tomorrow (pay day) but any help would be appreciated if anyone knows how i would be able to re access this content. to set up on my new comp.

Quick edit: I belive I may have actually brought it from here with the DLC pack that included all 4 races, where would i go on here to be able to redownload it if it was on this site? would it have stored my details used to purchase?

So, just a bit of an update I copied the race folders accross that hasn’t seemed to have worked… is the website here a once off buy? kinda thing if where I can’t re download? cause i’m not seeing a redownlad option on the website for the digital media.

There is information on how to get a new download link in this thread: As far as I know it should apply to anything you’ve bought direct through Positech.

Thank you for that reply :slight_smile: