The Game Wont Start

I have Democracy 4 on steam. uninstalled and reinstalled, I have checked the game cache and it said everything was verified but it still wont start. I do not have any of the programs that it says that will complicate things so what do I do?

Antivirus may delete some important files, so try disabling it.

Hi, its very often an antivirus program that does this, but we can diagnose it much better if we can see how far the game got when trying to launch.
The very FIRST thing the game does is create a folder here:

\my documents\my games\democracy 4\debug

If thats not thereā€¦ then some other program (antivirus!) is blocking the game from even starting. If that folder is there, please post the contents of any files in that folder, and that will help diagnose what is causing a problem.