The ITALY balancing thread. 🇮🇹

I’m just starting to put all the data in right now. Italy, with the first-pass at policy positions, and adjusting to get the GDP, debt and deficit and population data all correct gives me this as the default screen:

Slightly annoying to see organized crime not too bad, and I know the situation IS bad, so I need to check what inputs could be adjusted there.
The country looks a bit too liberal to me:

But maybe about right for socialist/capitalist?

A big thing in Italy is bureaucracy and the phenomena of rampant tax evasion, but I’m not sure how to reflect this without shoehorning in a cultural adjustment that just makes tax evasion more likely for Italians, which seems a bit of a kludge…

The financial situation is pretty dire, due to a huge debt and poor credit rating:

Anyway… feedback from Italians, or people with a lot of experience of Italy most welcome. The country is not in the game yet, this is my initial balancing. What special aspects of Italian economics and culture will be essential to accurate modeling?
Like a number of Mediterranean countries, it seems that our research keeps encountering ‘this is the law/tax… but its mostly ignored’ which is a real pain from a technical modelling perspective!

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I am Italian and I know that in Italy we do not have the tasers nor the obligatory prayers at school.

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Maybe to model tax evasion the simulation informal ecomomy and the revenue administration from Democracy 3:Africa can be a good take.

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My reading suggests that you do have prayers in school some places but they are not compulsory. I will check the wording of the policy to see if it should be there or not…
Apparently tasers are quite new (2020) and not widespread, but you have them:

Italy’s government approved using Tasers in January after a two-year trial and opened a bidding process to purchase nearly 4,500 stun guns to be divided among various law enforcement agencies. Police chief Franco Gabrielli said in March that the next phase would involve a period of training and “operational experimentation” in a half-dozen cities.

“The security of our personnel is first, obviously without causing damage to the people who might find themselves on the other side,” Mr. Gabrielli said outside a Genoa hospital where he had gone to visit two police officers injured in a shootout.
Chokeholds or Tasers? Critics question France's call on police force. -

(scroll down to see Italian reference)

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I did not know. I’m sorry :frowning:

I just had to ramp up the impact in cost terms of organised crime. Some figures show the mafia impact is 9% of GDP which is MASSIVE. Currently organised crime in Democracy 4 is a financial rounding-error. I’m amazed nobody has pointed out how low it was so far!

Most of situations are rounding errors when it comes to cost.
I guess everyone thought, that it was intentional, that they don’t have cost…
You must have very few policies or overall extremely low spending to have any significant impact on budget.

Situation cost
EUContribution 2250
BlackMarket 1000
Alcoholism 500
InnerCityRiots 500
GeneralStrike 250
Pollution 125
StreetGangs 125
Cyclones 112,5
LudditeRiots 75
Antibiotics-ResitantBacteria 62,5
Watershortage 50
DoctorsStrike 37,5
TeachersStrike 37,5
DroneWars 25
EnvironmentalProtests 25
PetrolProtests 25
AsthmaEpidemic 22,5
Organised Crime 12,5
AntisocialBehaviour 11,25
ContagiousDisease 10
Monarchy 10
Homelessness 2,5
ArmedReligiousCommunities 0
ArmedRobbery 0
BrainDrain 0
ClassWarfare 0
CorporateExodus 0
CyberBullying 0
CyberWarfare 0
DebtCrisis 0
DriverlessCars 0
DrugAddiction 0
EgalitarianSociety 0
EmergencyPowers 0
EndangeredSpecies 0
EUMonetaryPolicy 0
ExtremeNationalism 0
ExtremePoverty 0
FakeNews 0
FemaleGenitalMutilation 0
FoodBanks 0
Foodcrisis 0
ForeignIntelligenceInterference 0
Ghettos 0
GigEconomy 0
Gridlock 0
HighProductivity 0
HospitalOvercrowding 0
Hyperinflation 0
IllegalImmigrationCrisis 0
InternetCrime 0
Malaria 0
MineralWealth 0
MultinationalTaxEvasion 0
NorthKorea 0
NorthWestPassage 0
Obesity 0
OilWealth 0
Polarization 0
PowerBlackouts 0
PrisonOvercrowding 0
PrivateSpaceProgram 0
RaceRiots 0
Rail Strike 0
Rareearthcrisis 0
Realestatebubble 0
SkillsShortage 0
TaxEvasion 0
TeacherShortage 0
TechnologicalAdvantage 0
TechnologyBackwater 0
Uncompetitive Economy 0
VigilanteMobs 0
EUSubsidies -2250 - Only situation, that has income

Well the EU contribution DEFINITELY has an impact. I’ve set organised crime to be 550. There is some ambiguity as to why/how this is used, but the intention is for it to be illustrative of a cost that cannot easily be reflected by impacts elsewhere. I think thats fair for organised crime, because its presumably not only costing police resources, but also resulting in some low level black market stuff, and tax evasion that isn’t enough to trigger those other situations.

Tax evasion ishandled through its impacts on revenue from the tax policies.
I think maybe class warfare should have some costs though…at the very least it should involve as much policing and disruption as environmental protests…

(and there is no argument that makes sense that means luddite riots are so much worse than either of those). Perhaps a cost needs setting at 75 for all 3…
And maybe armed robbery too…as it implies a burden of extra policing above and beyond whats normal, plus maybe an insurance impact on peoples lives that reduces economic impact.

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I think the biggest problem is the Italian electoral system, Proportional usually allow the creation of weak governement with no power to follow all his promises.

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