The language on electric car incentives should be changed

So the high end of the electric car incentives police reads ‘ban gas powered cars’. First, that seems like a pretty extreme escalation from the mid range area which just makes taxis electric, but the main problem is that it causes inconsistencies with other policies.

Having this policy in place and then instituting other car related policies like clean energy subsidies, car emission limits or banning low MPG cars continues to have tangible effects on the environment and C02 emissions, which doesn’t make sense. If all gas powered cars are already banned then it doesn’t make sense for banning ‘low MPG cars’ to reduce emissions. Nor does it make sense to subsidize biofuels if biofuel powered cars aren’t even legal to drive.

I would suggest changing to language of the high-end of the policy to ‘All government vehicles’.


I’ll second this. A language change might make a bit more sense, but you could also go all out and try and make the policy actually change the effects of other car-related policies. In the same way that policy cost/income can be changed by simulation values like GDP, Tax Evasion or voter group membership.