The Mixer

Hello people.

Could someone explain how the mixer actually works? As soon as i think i finally understand the mechanics involved it just doesn’t work for me.
I have tried to find some answers online but haven’t found anything helpful so far.

I’ll use an example from one of my recent games to demonstrate how to use the multimixer. I’ve decided I want to make a cure for tuberculosis since it will sell for a good chunk of cash and is in high demand. The multimixer takes one ingredient as a base, using its concentration, cures, and side effects. It then mixes in the second ingredient. Any cure or side effect on the second ingredient that is positioned in a slot which is empty in the base will get mixed in. If the base already has something occupying that position any new effect will be discarded.

I’ll need the ingredient that soothes coughs.

Just one problem. If we look at the cure tree again we see that we need a catalyst which the ingredient is missing, so it will have to be added in with a multimixer. I have just the catalyst on hand in another ingredient so lets bring that in.

Another problem. Our catalyst occupies the same slot as the cures fatigue side effect. Enter the shaker. The shaker shakes the ingredient, moving the effects down by 1 slot. As you put upgrade points into it you will unlock the ability to move down by 2 slots, and eventually move down by 3 slots. I decide to shake the cough ingredient with the idea being that I will end up with 2 positive effects and 2 negative ones, and hopefully they wont be active at whatever range I’ll need to cure tuberculosis.

I upgrade the cough medicine to ease asthma and then mix it all up.

Since I’ll need to raise the concentration to 17 to upgrade it to treat bronchitis I decide to use the catalyst ingredient as the base since it has the higher concentration and no matter which way I mix them I will end up with both the cure and catalyst I need.

With everything in place it’s just a matter of processing the drug as required to upgrade it and produce a cure.

you have 4 places for effects 1 2 3 4 and all effects from the base stays and the empty will fill with the add the rest of the add will killed
the base dominate. the con. of the base will stay the con. of the add get lost

Thanks i figured out how it works. And i want to say that the game is great the potential of it is huge.
I did have some fps drops on bigger setups so optimizing the game a bit wouldn’t hurt.
And obviously more content would make the game more enjoyable and you’re probably already working on it.