The Most Epic List Of Suggestions Ever! Of All Time! Period! :)

Last post, collection of all my ideas, and a few of others. Any further changes that I come up with, I’ll just add to this. If there are any things which have been fixed and I have not put here, lemme know! If more things get fixed, I will add them here.

This is NOT an exhaustive list, even though it may seem like it due to its size. Some points have been duplicated in other posts, some I have not seen, due to the size of this forum. Some WIP suggestions, I have not included, etc.

Minister: Cliff Harris (Internal Affairs)
Effectiveness: 99%
Cost: -15%
Implementation Time: -15%
Delay: -15%

Implementation rate: 28/438, ~6.5% (6.436%). If there’s a sample size till 1000 non-duplicate, unrelated posts, the implementation rate would probably be higher.

  1. -27 million in income error, which also has no effect.

  2. No percentages for zero in graphs.

  3. QE & HM feed twice into currency strength? Once directly, and once indirectly through inflation.

  4. Clean Energy Subsidies don’t count towards rare earth prices (atleast not visibly).

  5. Bureaucracy reduces Rare Earth Prices in game, why?

  6. High Judicial Independence should lead to a reduction in organized crime.

  7. Stopping power line construction should reduce GDP (less construction, planned construction not fulfilled).

  8. Egalitarian Society situation should reduce poverty.

  9. Gets joined EU event even though in EU.

  10. Drug Treatment Scheme increases health at no cost when narcotics are outlawed. There should atleast be some admin overhead? (FIXED)

  11. Tobacco Use Does not reduce productivity (does it do so indirectly through respiratory disease, or by respiratory disease reducing health, does low health lead to low productivity?).

  12. State Healthcare should boost equality.

  13. Have a value on the tooltip for the Global Economy Graph?

  14. Percentage Tooltip for “current opinion of government”, like how it is for cynicism.

  15. Subsidizing Best Schools does not cost money.

  16. Some fines bring in no money (circumcision fines, fines on pollution, etc.)

  17. At higher values for “citizenship for sale”, “middleclass”, shouldn’t this please socialists, as it is more equal?

  18. Percentage tooltips does not show up for graphs, in this case when PHC is 0%.

  19. Rare Earth Crisis should reduce automation.

  20. Tourist gets stabbed event is too common, and happens when crime is zero (could be realistic, as sporadic outbursts of violence and crime take place even in low crime societies).

  21. Pollution should be a negative value in income for the poor/ethnic minorities and it should harm them disproportionally (like obesity), especially in the United States.

  22. Speed up speech reception viewing time by clicking on its menu screen, currently we have to sit through the entire graph as it gets plotted across the screen. We should be able to speed it up by clicking on it.

  23. Drug treatment scheme costs nothing in UK when all else is equal at the start of the game (there would still be some admin overhead, right?) (FIXED).

  24. Banning narcotics doesn’t lead to drug consumption.

  25. Cost history graphs have no tooltips!

  26. Won majority of the vote but still ended up in a coalition?

  27. Display policies which ministers would like to see implemented (like donors) to prevent huge penalties when they resign (like especially the tax minister!!!). They should ask for which policies they would like to see implemented like donors! Partially addressed, Tax Minister resigning does not now lead to a collapse in finances larger than their influence.

  28. Factor in CO2 emissions from Nuclear Plant construction if economy is not fully powered by green energy?

  29. Greater wealth in society should boost unemployment, if people have money and investments, they have a lower incentive to work.

  30. High speed rail subsidies should increase rail useage.

  31. America should have oil subsidies enabled.

  32. Armed police does not reduce luddite riots.

  33. Joining Regional Union should remove import tariff policy and vice-versa (leaving it should bring it back)?

  34. Social Justice Foundation should upset conservatives.

  35. Please make the line demarcating voter opposition and voter support far more visible, currently, it is a nearly invisible black.

  36. Have tooltips for electioneering graphs.

  37. Microgeneration grants should make a few people unhappy. Like those in the UK who did not like their view of the country-side fouled up.

  38. Is there a global technology value against which the situation, “technological advantage” is compared against?

  39. Tourist Killed In Animal Attack happens too often (or atleast it used too).

  40. Direct Air Capture has no influence on GDP or Employment, even though it’s bascially a huge amount of construction.

  41. Policies get disabled for no apparent reason in next turn.

  42. Donors should not demand plastic bag tax if plastic bags have been banned (FIXED).

  43. Key Bindings under a controls menu.

  44. Corruption too easy to fix.

  45. Minister’s backgrounds out of sync with portraits (FIXED).

  46. 0% Private Healthcare leads to a decrease in socialist membership?

  47. Allowing GM Food Crops doesn’t lead to a reduction in food prices, or a boost in gdp, or an increase in farmer’s income, or an increase in farmer membership or a boost in tech. (NOW BOOSTS GDP)

  48. Allowing LED bulbs doesn’t increase energy efficiency.

  49. Food stamps don’t decrease food prices.

  50. Replicability Crisis Event. Caused by low science funding, as it makes scientists more likely to publish doctored findings or twist the data to suit the arbitrary p<0.05 statistical boundary for significance. Publishing gives credibility to a scientist, hence, more funding, more salary, etc.

  51. No way currently to electrify busses and trains in game.

  52. Why doesn’t generational wealth pass onto descendants?

  53. Why do free bus passes increase the wealth gap by such a large amount?

  54. Rural Development Grants should reduce crime.
    Naxalism: Meaning, responsible factors and Ideology

  55. Have Seizure Warning for D4.

  56. Maternity Leave at lowest value costs nothing.

  57. Ratifying CO2 protocol does not reduce GDP (10% immediate reduction in CO2 emissions has no impact on the economy?).

  58. Third Option For Far-Right Rally-Restricted Rally.

  59. Third Option For Gay Cakes-Let The Courts Decide.

  60. Space Expenditure (and PSI) has no impact on Defence.

  61. Space Expenditure (and PSI) has no impact on Telecoms.

  62. America should have high values for disability benefit and social care due to medicare, medicaid (this could be represented by an increase in tax breaks, but I’m not 100% sure as it also includes grants and after 2 years medicaid shows to improve depression, reduce financial strain through reduction in emergency costs, etc., so maybe tax credits + social care + disability if we factor in all these three?) and veteran’s benefits.

Medicare (United States) - Wikipedia

Medicaid - Wikipedia

United States Department of Veterans Affairs - Wikipedia

  1. Disease Outbreak should increase conservatism (Left, Right & Centre).

Right-wing Authoritarianism, Left-wing Authoritarianism, and pandemic-mitigation authoritarianism (

  1. France should have domestic flights banned at lowest intensity possible while still registering as, “domestic”. This is because of a new law, where all domestic flights which cover destinations which can be covered by a train in 2.5 hrs or less are now banned.

France to ban some domestic flights where train available | Climate crisis | The Guardian

  1. Maternity Leave at lowest possible value costs nothing.

  2. Raising speeds after 100% electric car transition should not increase CO2 emissions (by how much does increased speed depreciate cars? Would that lead to an increase in CO2 emissions, due to needing more new cars?).

  3. After full transition to electric cars, cancelling policies which boost electric car transition lead to its gradual fall. Why would people start buying gasoline cars after they have transitioned to electric fully? It probably means that the infrastructure for it exists already as well.

  4. Should costs of electric infrastructure for electric cars count in the road construction policy, same for petrol pumps (if not already)?

  5. Electric cars should boost energy industry, all that charging has to come from somewhere.

  6. Electric Car construction should count towards CO2 emissions. Can be offset by a policy similar to the US policy irl, “Cash For Clunkers”.

Car Allowance Rebate System - Wikipedia

  1. After full transition to renewable energy, Energy industry should not emit too much CO2.

  2. Nuclear Weapons still don’t have an impact on foreign relations.

  3. Higher income/wealth leads to lower automation, as people can afford human made stuff more easily?

  4. Higher income/wealth leads to more polarization in society as people have time to think about other things besides their day-to-day survival and supporting PACs or their equivalent?

  5. Flat Income Tax still has no effect on GDP, unlike “normal” income tax. This gives players an easy out.

  6. Should Public Tax Returns use Benford’s Law (if not already), if not too complex?

  7. Ban Vapes Policy (they’re banned in India, would increase tobacco use).

  8. Readjust minimum value of UBI to $300/person to make it more affordable (including the equivalent of $300 in other currencies). Governments do tend to do nominal things. Of course that brings up the question of whether it should even be readjusted?

  9. Fund Olympics Policy

  10. Make Mortgage Debt Relief a more general debt relief policy.

  11. Model Remittances from abroad?

  12. Private Housing Subsidies

  13. State Food Banks

  14. Food Bank Subsidies

  15. West & South Asian Languages sometime after the mobile release?

  16. Intelligence Blowback Situation, if spy expenditure is really high and foreign relations are really low.

  17. Why does the welfare fraud department increase bureaucracy by such a large amount?

  18. Recycled Plastics Subsidies (to make it competitive).

  19. High Investment in recycling should boost oil supply due to Plaxx.

  20. Waste-To-Fuel Plants

  21. Should the UK have adjustments for racism like the US?
    I saw Afghan interpreters translate so much more than words – now they live in terror | Clive Lewis | The Guardian.
    Not to mention the treatment which the Windrush Generation faced.

  22. Violent Social Unrest from fake news?
    California man charged with killing his children claimed he was ‘enlightened by QAnon’, FBI says | California | The Guardian

  23. Low crime creates sporadic outbursts of violence.

  24. Missile Defence Policy (Missile Defense for US)
    Intensities-> CIWS (Close In-Range Weapons System)-Iron Dome-THAAD-GMD-SDI (Star Wars). Highly destabilizing at higher values, impact foreign relations.

  25. National Parks and Biodiversity Policy.

  26. Private Debt Crisis Situation

  27. Meeting or not meeting election promises should now reflect in text or as a warning along with the colour-coded notification we get.

  28. Gender Transition, should subsidizing be different from approval regulations?

  29. Abortion Subsidies

  30. Clicking on a minister in the cabinet, should take one to the minister’s profile, with their associated data, like what we see when we click on policies (in the top-right handside corner).

  31. Cancel Monarchy Option?

  32. Model Leakage from CCS.

  33. What does population do in game?

  34. Why is Germany much easier where balancing the budget is concerned, as opposed to the US and UK (solidarity tax does help a lot).

  35. Declare government debt risk free dilemma, to reduce the impact of the debt crisis?
    What is a Doom Loop in the Context of Economics? - SWFI.

  36. Military spending should boost productivity (military Keynesianism).

  37. Synthetic Biology Research Grants Policy. Would reduce the cost of synthetic meat, and offend the religious/conservative less, while boosting tech.

  38. Nude Beaches Dilemma.

  39. Balance Liberals, Conservatives & Religious on the basis of self-discipline v flexibility/rigidity as well? To elaborate, liberals would have lower self-discipline, but higher flexibility, and cons/rels would be the opposite. This could be represented by the impact it would have on bureaucracy by population levels or other things. Of course, this is a simplification. For example, cons in the US are quite free about guns, and liberals in general are quite rigid about progressive values. But barring such exceptions, this can be a broad generalization for these competing groups? Or not, if too complex.

  40. Display policies which unhappy ministers would like to see implemented, to prevent huge reductions when they resign.

  41. Low public health spending leads to event, “Mother Begs For Help”. Angers everyone.

  42. Buy back property for redistribution policy.

  43. There should be a link between Privacy and ID Cards.

  44. Supply Chain Policies. Brexit and a certain kind of neoliberal economics caused a shortfall of 100,000 truck drivers in the UK.

  45. High poverty, leads to street begging event.

  46. Animal Policies, Welfare/General, such as Pet Subsidies, regulation of lifestock, etc.

  47. Flash Riots Event. Racial/EthnicTension and/or poor socioeconomic indicators while a foreign dignitary is visiting (Yes to presidential visit dilemma) leads to Flash Riots Event. Such as the 2020 Delhi Riots when Trump visited Delhi.

  48. Adopt Cryptocurrency As State Currency Dilemma (Like what El Salvador has done).

  49. More positions on all quadrants (these are not 100% accurate):
    (a) Left-Liberal: Emma Goldman, Peter Kropotkin, Nicola Sturgeon, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.
    (b) Right-Liberal: Friedrich Hayek, Bill Clinton, Ludvig Von Mises, etc.
    (c) Centre-Conservative: Barack Obama, Adolf Hitler, etc.
    (d) Left-Cons: Mao Zedong, Fidel Castro, Leon Trotsky, Tony Blair, etc.
    (e) Right-Cons: Thomas Hobbes, Edmund Burke, Keir Starmer, Augusto Pinochet, Winston
    Churchill, Narendra Modi, Angela Merkel, etc.
    (f) Centre-Liberal: Me (JK). Henry George, etc.

  50. MetalSlimeHunt in the comments section of Blog #41 on Youtube suggests a policy for governing production. Which at the lowest intensity would be like the Defense Production Act in the US and at the highest intensity would be central planning (although this can happen in game by nationalizing everything, so maybe this point is moot). Aside from collective resource ownership, MSH states that this would basically complete the representation of socialist economics in D4.

  51. Men, Women and Gender and Sexual minorities as voter groups.

  52. Factor in infrastructure w.r.t economic competitiveness, unless this already represented by proxy whereby increased productivity (which is caused by infra policies) reduces economic uncompetitiveness?

  53. Cryptocurrency Subsidies

  54. Social Solidarity Subsidies: Subsidies for corporations who give workers benefits (this would encourage the wealthy, besides just the charity relief policy to reward their socialableness).

  55. Have option in settings to make UI softer with less sharp edges to be easier on the eyes.

  56. Modding tools and tutorials for easy modding.

  57. Solidarity Tax For All Countries. (ADDED)

  58. Locally Owned Debt For All Countries.

  59. Reverse IPO event.

  60. Post-Bureaucratic Politics. Similar in spirit to Plexus’ “Participatory Politics” & “Distributism” posts.

  61. Agri/Farm Regulation

  62. Solidarity Tax Does Not Show Up on Tax Menu, but does in search bar.

  63. Ban Private Housing Policy + Housing Balance

  64. Ban Plastic Policy

  65. Water Industry Balance

  66. High Religiosity/Conservatism Leads To Scandal Event

  67. Prostitution Subsidies

  68. Protect National Monuments Dilemma

  69. Archeological Survey Policy

  70. Electricity/Energy Tax

  71. Higher Efficiency = Higher Consumption (Jevons’ Paradox)

  72. Seizure Warning For D4

  73. Suggestions For More Jerkass Policies

  74. Mobile Website Adaptation?

  75. Maternity Leave At Minimum Costs Nothing

  76. High Liberalism Leads To Being Duped Event?

  77. River Policies

  78. Ratifying CO2 Protocol Does Not Impact GDP

  79. Military Expenditure Should Boost International Trade (Military Keynesianism)

  80. Opioid Epidemic

  81. Education To Polarize (already was part of game)

  82. Respiratory Illness Should Affect Poor More

  83. Ideas for Positive Situations and Events?

  84. Ban Divorce = Angry Youth/Parents

  85. Electrification For Busses & Trains Absent

  86. Rural Development Grants = Less Crime

  87. SuccDem & ProgCon Groups

  88. Low Crime = Low Conservatives?

  89. German Culture = Drinking & Work

  90. Catalan & Basque Link To Terrorism

  91. Cap & Trade Policy?

  92. Great To See Japanese Translation! (WIP)

  93. Change In GDP = Change In Costs

  94. LibCon Partying Woo-Hoo!

  95. Comment On Steam Highlights Lack Of Police Brutality Modelling

  96. Disease Outbreak Should Affect Narcotics & Food Use

  97. Space Events?

  98. Armed Police Should Increase Inequality?

  99. Steam Negative Reviews

  100. Steam Negative Reviews Part 2

  101. High Growth-Low Emissions (and other combinations)

  102. Make Conservative Socialism Gameplay more viable (furthermore, why does dissolving the state in D4 register as “conservative socialism”? Is this true, like National-Anarchsism?).

  103. Solidarity Tax For All Countries? (ADDED)

  104. Political Minorities?

  105. Rename Military Dilemma?

  106. Tax The Rich They Won’t Leave?

  107. Tobacco & Drugs

  108. Have Abortion Statistics?

  109. Bring Back Possible Solutions From D1?

  110. High Radiation On Mars Event?

  111. Supply Side Economics Behind Debt Crisis Logic? (Impact of inflation now modelled/WIP)

  112. Consolidated Group For Narcotics?

  113. Monarchy In Spain & Japan (Partial Implementation, not as thorough as UK)

  114. Regressive UBI

  115. Tooltips For Difficulty

  116. Explain Cliff Better Fix

  117. Ban Women From Employment Policy

  118. Foster Care Policies?

  119. Ban Oil & Ban NG Policies (They need to be reflected first as well)

  120. Ufos r us!

  121. Great To See Worker’s Dividends! (ADDED)

  122. Great To See Ban Crypto! (ADDED)

  123. High Travel Link To Accidents?

  124. Fishing Policies And Events

  125. Don’t Consume Blindly, Or We Could Stagnate. My Essay On Resource Use (Resource Use Only Partially Modelled)

  126. Great To See Voter Elasticity Investigated Soon! (WIP)

  127. Nuclear Meltdown Event? (Implemented In A Mod)

  128. More Entertainment Policies? (Would Be Great To See Culture Modelled As Well)

  129. Reforestation Impact On CO2 To Be Tweaked Lower?

  130. Mutual Admiration Society Policy

  131. Religious Tax Makes Socialists Happy? (Religious Socialists Would Be Happy)

  132. Male Circumcision Should Improve Health A Bit?

  133. Foreign Relations Too Easy To Max Out?

  134. Keep The Country Tidy Campaign Is Too Effective? (Unclear Price to Effectivity ratio IRL)

  135. Use Energy As Currency?

  136. Ban Ngos Policy (Should not be misread as Negros but read as NGOs)

  137. Balance State Airlines

  138. Democracy Too Easy To Max Out?

  139. Conservative Religious Policies

  140. International Corporate Taxation (To be represented by Windfall Tax Dilemma?)

  141. Mental Health Policies/Adjustments

  142. State Must Produce! And exports should bring money in!

  143. Japan Adjustments. And modelling suicide, with policies mitigating it!

  144. Other Foreign Territories?

  145. CCS And State Housing Balance

  146. Oil Price Not Maketh Sense?

  147. Cluster Bombs Value Broken? (Partially fixed? Now 1% instead of 4%. Still seems on the much higher side as Cluster Bombs valuation in the US is something like 0.003% of GDP or less)

  148. No Love For Private Housing Industry?

  149. EcoTax

  150. Revise Nuclear Weapons/Energy Expenditure (Case By Case Basis)?

  151. Fun With Authoritarianism, Ages 4 And Above!

  152. Telecoms Cause Cancer Dilemma!

  153. Religious Too Racist/Ethno-nationalist? Middle Class Too Prickly?

  154. Japan Rare Earth Mining To Be Very Cost Prohibitive

  155. Low Food Price Should Affect Obesity?

  156. National Business Council Is Super-Effective!

  157. Boost to Strong Leader Not Apparent (FIXED)

  158. Climate Change Impossible To Solve?

  159. Double Tax/Double Benefit In Income Screen?

  160. Transgender Transition Without Surgery/Bureaucracy

  161. Ban Automation Policy

  162. Metro Rail Policy (Should Boost Urbanization Too)

  163. US NK Threat Modifier?

  164. Laws To Regulate Sex and Marriage?

  165. Issue Local Debt

  166. Soundtrack Expansion? (Deemed too expensive, so buy more D4 to solve this shortage! :D)

  167. Cryptocurrency Should Impact Inflation

  168. Angrier Patriots?

  169. CO2 Tax Should Bork Welfare (Reduction GDP could be proxy for this impact, but does a reduction in services, goods and GDP directly impact welfare in game?). Does GDP influence everybody’s income, so that a reduction in GDP would affect everybody?

  170. Agricultural Subsidies Should Impact Environment

  171. Fix Space Expenditures?

  172. Bedlam in D4 with World Government!

  173. Public Funding For Elections?

  174. Give CO2 Tax Percentages?

  175. Yes, Prime Minister

  176. Adjustment Text Cut Off/Windowed Mode Borked

  177. Banning Antibiotics Destroys Rural Paradise! (Should Probably fade with time, or be compensated by an increase in the cost of organic farming subsidies as farmer’s switch to it)

  178. No Money From Fines?

  179. Self-Employment Legacy Issue

  180. US Should Have More Choo-Choo?!

  181. Civil (Public) Services & High Reliability Organizations

  182. Have More Universalist Policies?

  183. Rehabilitative Justice? Retributive Justice?

  184. Conservative Sentiments

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  1. Policies to Merge? - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Plexus. It would make sense to merge Unemployment Benefit and UBI to, for the sake of simplicity, UBI is just UB on steroids. It would also link up with a similar observation of mine, that the lowest values of UBI could be more reasonable ($300 per person). This would help with that. Additionally, if those who are getting UB have to actively search for jobs, would it really boost unemployment all that much? This could be something that could be looked into for balancing purposes.

  2. Border Wall is not invulnerable event (i.e. planes, tunnels, etc.) Border Wall Failure Event - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By TheDenskan.

  3. Has this issue been looked at? State pension costs - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  4. Balance Policy Implementation to make it arguably more realistic and challenging. A way to make the game more challenging - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By jmski.

  5. Explore clean transport and other environmental policies. Car effects should be passed through electric transport transition rather than affect environment directly - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By jmski.

  6. In a way this reinforces my earlier point of requiring more in-depth mod support and to making modding much easier for the general player (and even some veterans who don’t know how to code, like me). Modding tools, modding videos, etc. Modding video - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By siralexh.

  7. Immigration has been rebalanced to a good extent, explore if it needs to be rebalanced more. Immigration in 1.17 - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Nebulix.

  8. Functionality to sort influences by type. Suggestion: Add ability to sort influences and effect by source type - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By raxo2222.

  9. Stock dilemma inspired by GME stock. Dillemma and Event suggestions - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By raxo2222. Suggest third option: “free-for-all”.

  10. Code & other issues noticed by raxo2222, for your consideration. 1.126 notes (Early Acces :D) - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By raxo2222.

  11. Should the “Empty Homes Tax” have different outputs? Capitalist v Socialist & Wealthy v Retired? Empty homes tax - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  12. Broken manifestos now clearer, but the deeper meaning of Rabid’s observations, Cliff would understand better. Broken manifesto promise - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  13. Hopefully this issue should be resolved by the introduction of Chinese. Characters failed to display correctly - Windows 10 Taiwanese - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By penguincouple.

  14. Tips for 1.124 & 1.38 and after. Tips for update 1.24 [or 1.25/1.26 ecc…(because 1.23 is almost done)] - Democracy 4 - Positech Games & Suggestions for update 1.38 or later updates - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Franztroll. Having the unemployed as a voter group would be a great idea. I leave the other points to Cliff’s discretion.

  15. Even though I have got no response from this forum member, this issue seems to have been resolved. Feel free to correct me, if not. Game Crash - After naming Ministers? - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By WizardGimple.

  16. Ideas for implementation. Coalition Negotiations exist in a form. The rest are up in the air for consideration. How Many Of These Issues Have Been Resolved? - Positech Games. By PrimeMinisterSoren.

  17. No one voted for the other party - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By kkkael. (FIXED)

  18. Family policies have virtually no impact on gender inquality? Family policies don’t affect gender equality in earnings - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By VineFynn.

  19. Game seems to make more sense than it did then. Correct me if I’m wrong. Poor, Middle Class, Wealthy - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By Other_Side. (FIXED)

  20. Display bug 1.31 - State Health Service slider - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By steviefaux. (FIXED)

  21. Do the unemployed actively seek employment in game?

  22. Rural Development Grants increase corruption. Full article: A Precarious Enterprise? Multiple Antagonisms during Year One of the Modi Government (

  23. Aggressive Neoliberalism is more effective at reducing unemployment than an aggressive statist approach (Green v Yellow).

  24. Make hyperinflation much harder? Atleast for the US? Or in specific circumstances? Considering the fact that the Fed lent out $29 trillion over a few years to bring the US (and the developed World?) out of the 2006-2009 financial crisis. Layout 1 (

  25. Even well funded and powerful anti-corruption, while seeing some success do not mean that corruption will fall to zero. It’d be great to see corruption rebalanced.

  26. Advertise Discord Community Server More.

  1. Turn off achievements if political power has been turned off?

  2. Have more tax rebate policies?
    Income tax improvements

  3. When Judicial indepence is low Unexplained Wealth Orders should increase corruption.

  1. Have a policy to connect distributors with manufacturers (for example pharmacies directly connected with drug companies)? Reduces interest on inventory stored and hence makes the supply chains more efficient and boosts GDP.

Can’t believe that you sat through all that! Here’s an achievement for you!


If you can read this patiently, you can read 1 million stanzas as well! :smiley:

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Now, cliff can’t see them all at once. Try to pick a few suggestions and push them onto Cliff.

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Well, hopefully he’ll see enough, 'cause this took me a long while. I’ll send him a summary tom, day after.

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  1. Make Tutorial More Comprehensive?

  2. Make Tutorial More Comprehensive?

  3. Address American Right-Libertarian Concerns?

  4. Model Society Better?

  5. Full Employment Mandate

  6. Vote Results Revealed!

  7. Link PP with Judiciary?

  8. Focus Group Data More Intuitive? (2/3rds implemented, not for opinions as of yet)

  9. Blue Icons Data Made Intuitive? (Largely implemented, only needs to reflect 0% now)

  10. Productivity To Be Partially Decoupled?

  11. Productivity To Be Partially Decoupled?

  12. More Money Theory? (MMT rejected by Cliff)

  13. Make Elections Great Again!

  14. OMGZ Modz In Base Game?

  15. How Does Democracy Go VRRRRMMMMMM?!

  16. Bureaucratic Collectivism in D4?

  17. Allowing LED Bulbs doesn’t increase energy efficiency (FIXED)

  18. Allowing GM Food Crops doesn’t lead to a reduction in food prices, boost in GDP, farmer’s income, farmer’s membership and employment. (Partial, now boosts GDP)

  19. 0% PHC leads to reduction in socialist membership, allow for a pass to be made on other “0% Private industries” for this “maybe” issue.

  20. UK Census Results being used to update UK statistics? - #2 by Chantern15 Issue by SamPhoenix. Is this done with other countries too?

  21. Policies get disabled in next turn after being implemented in the current term (FIXED).

  22. Allow for non-steam screenshots, outside the election.

  23. Fire Engine Dept Policy for general safety and to lower the probability of the heatwave event firing.

  24. Independent judiciary should be a pain in the ass. Higher PP required to pass unpopular policies. Policies which marginalize groups or oppress the people or undermine the constitution should get cancelled by the judiciary. Greater independence of judiciary should make it harder to lower its independence as well.

  25. Opposition should not just fade away and should be a pain in the ass of player, especially if the election was close.

  26. Coalition partners should be more assertive and demand more, give less PP when their vote share in the government is close to yours and you accept their demands. Coalition dissolution should lead to a fresh election, where a loss is a “game over” event.

  27. “Game Over Man” achievement, losing over 10 consecutive elections leads to this achievement.
    Description: You thought you were hot, but you’re not.

  28. A general education policy, ranging from regressive to progressive.

  29. CCS/DAC should reduce energy efficiency, since it is so energy intensive, this would probably expand the energy industry as it stands today in the game, but if Jevons’ Paradox is implemented, then it would contract it (somewhat). If the transition to full renewable energy isn’t complete, then its implementation should have a lower impact on CO2 reduction than it does currently.

  30. Nuclear Energy Funding and Energy Industry Link (Suggested by Rabid as well) (Solved).

  31. Legalization of Drugs makes Organized Crime Fall, but Crime rise (Would make sense of very hard drugs like PCP, but Cannabis?). Similar things noticed by Tyberius_D.

  32. One Child Policy triggers Conservative Members - Error - Democracy 4 - Positech Games (IS THIS FIXED?)

  33. Suggestions for “Ban Porn” policy symbol: Lips with finger over them? Lips with a cross over them? A whip with a cross over it? xxXxx? xXx?

  34. Courtesy of Franztroll. It’d be great to see the compass positions of the opposition parties, either by right-clicking on them, or on the compass graph itself. Compass of the opposition at the start of the game - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  35. Ideas for Positive Situations and Events? - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  36. Balancing the energy industry’s needs with reinforcing the electrical grid. All the microgeneration policies basically contract the private energy industry.

  37. Plastic Bags Ban should reduce oil demand and improve the environment.

  38. Are wages/incomes part of GDP growth calculation? If so they should count!

  39. CO2 emissions should go up because of rare earth metals mining and trade.

  40. Foreign relations should be impact due to rare earth metal mining, due to the exploitation of the poor in some rare earth mining. If worker’s rights are low in the player country, then the poor should be unhappy with both at home as well. If racial tensions are high, then so should the ethnic minorities. More discussed here: Reviewing the new rare earth rules - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  41. Race & Gender Discrimination Acts should be renamed so that they are not confusing. It’s not clear that this is positive discrimination as opposed to negative discrimination.

  42. Clicking on the changes tab on the electioneering screen in dark mode, the white border goes away and it just becomes black. (FIXED)

  43. Bug - Manifesto’s goal creates a new referencing point in policy slider - Democracy 4 - Positech Games-Bug noticed by Thimeo. (ISSUE RESOLVED)

  44. As noticed by Pierno and me here: Disappearing policies - Democracy 4 - Positech Games, the negative impact of compulsory school sports on the youth should be lowered. Not everyone would be displeased with sports amongst the youth, even if forced.

  45. Black Lives Matter Event should be influenced by racial tension? Should the event be called something else, when the skin colour of the largest ethnic minority is other than Black?

  46. Patriot image clips into influence menu on focus group screen. (FIXED)

  47. Clicking on “Patriots” enough number of times under “voter types” turns it and/or “Parents” tabs black from their original colours , requiring the player to click on them one or more times to make them go away and to enter the selected voter type screen.

  48. Cannot upload images by mobile.

  49. Crypto Currency Crash is too frequent. (FIXED)

  50. 6% reduction in tax income when tax minister leaves corresponds to ~19 billion USD when revenue is 125.96 billion usd per quarter, 1.17 times or 1/6th more? I had calculated the wrong figure in that post there, but even with that wrong post, it would be too much. The tax minister leaving leads to far too much revenue reduction. Impact of income loss is reduced now. (FIXED)


  52. Heatwaves should release CO2 emissions like they do in real life. Heatwaves should reduce the impact of reforestation due to burning trees. Is deforestation represented through high GDP growth per capita at base level? Updated to 1.35 here are the changes: - #18 by Chantern15
    Updated to 1.35 here are the changes: - #23 by Chantern15

  53. Legal Abortion should reduce organized crime.

  54. Uphold Stalin (solidmentalgrace) and I agree on many issues. Particularly one where complexity is reduced. Consolidating language policies into one. A few suggestions that i came up with over the months - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  55. Issues around judicial independence and organized from Rabid. Judicial independence and organized crime - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  56. Tech should reduce healthcare costs. And so should automation, thanks to Plexus.

  57. Some benefit to having reserves.

  58. Modelling Private Postal Industry.

  59. Allow us to be Trump, corrupt (and untrustworthy) but popular. Or more generally, a corrupt (and untrustworthy) right-wing (or left-wing) populist.

  60. Alcohol Consumption should be tied to obesity.
    Suggested link: Alcohol consumption to obesity - #2 by Chantern15

  61. Balance around state dismantlement? Custom country: Ancapistan - #2 by Chantern15

  62. Drastic drop in popularity, fixed? [BUG?] Popularity went from 77% to 2% With No Understandable Reason - #11 by Chantern15

  63. Modelling Quebec as a Canada specific adjustment, like Basque and Catalan are for Spain?
    More Canadian feedback - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  64. Chinese Language (ADDED)

  65. Weird edge effects here: Alcohol Tax Hits Poverty and Equality Even if Consumption is Zero - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

No cars + full electrification possible. Alcohol effects poverty and equality even if consumption is zero. And checking whether the mentioned taxes affect Black Market (Besides Sales Tax) and whether or not they should or should not.

  1. When World and/or domestic economy is going down, but you have a solid surplus, does the credit rating still go down?
    Credit rating downgraded despite constant surplus? - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  2. Firefighters and Property Damage - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games by Artificer.

  3. Nested Sliders/icons, even if only for a few special policies (like income tax). Grouped icons to declutter the UI. Consider allowing more than one slider per policy - #23 by Chantern15 by kram1032.

  4. Electronic Direct Democracy. Whatever happened to Electronic Direct Democracy? - #2 by Chantern15, by Plexus.

  5. Homeless Dilemma by rboni. Homeless dilemma - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  6. Moon / Mars Policies - Democracy 4 - Positech Games by calexander.

  7. Concept Suggestion: Multi-Stage Dilemmas - Democracy 4 - Positech Games by Xenomorphman.

  8. Accommodate the needs of disabled players by katiekat3000. Game working with mickrasoft narater - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  9. Urban Development Grants by Citi. Urban Development for Balance? - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  10. More Categories for the D4 forum? I love the game but it won't let me play - #16 by Chantern15

  11. USA Start Position Inaccurate by amaranth. Includes my point about Oil Subsidies.
    USA Start Position Is Inaccurate - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  12. Rebalance SOE’s to make them more profitable. Rebalance values for rail, energy, water, broadcasting, etc. Have private broadcasting and airlines reflected in game (this is somebody else’s idea, forgetting who). Profitable Nationalized Services And Corruption - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  13. Who’s making money off of the private schools and other private industry’s? Bug: State Schools - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  14. From the comments section on Youtube for Blog #14, I understand that Cliff dislikes [or to put it more impolitely, has contempt for them, for their contempt for devs. :)] Apple. Could we see Android version of game, maybe they like Cliff more? :slight_smile:
    Microsoft Phone too?

  15. Education should reduce opposition to nuclear power (especially in Japan). Pro-Nuclear Power Campaigns - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. ADemocraticDragon.

  16. Policies that should create jobs, don’t. Unemployment Balancing Notes - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Plexus.

  17. Just a short pass over this post to see how many of the minor bugs, fixes and tweaks have been addressed.
    List of Minor Bugs/Tweaks! - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  18. How many of the suggestions here have been addressed? Contributions to the thoughts on Income Tax, UBI, Mechanics, and Elections + a bug - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  19. Entry 291 deleted. Was a repeat.

  20. Extreme GDP increase, when taxes cut to zero and spending put to max (with no PP), is this realistic? Additionally, paying higher taxes while services are being cut (which some players do) should impact voter opinion a lot. Modeling the tax burden on reduced GDP - #29 by Chantern15

  21. Citizen’s Health Brigades as a cheaper solution to the Hospital Overcrowding Crisis. Could boost democracy as well. Suggestion: Nerf causes of Hospital Overcrowding OR buff remedies to it - #8 by Chantern15

  22. Some way for Cliff to get help? Pollution rebalancing - #8 by Chantern15

  23. Tropico in D4?!!! :smiley: Positland! - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  24. Can’t scroll down or up on media stunts screen. It’s required to click on arrows. Please add this functionality.

  25. Add values to electioneering graphs, please. :slight_smile: Is this chart confusing? - #5 by Chantern15
    If possible.

  26. Prorogue parliament dilemma. Automatically initiates emergency powers. Craters democracy, independent judiciary makes it temporary. Ultra Liberal Socialism Is Broken - #43 by Chantern15

  27. Game should reflect issues with automation (in this case driverless cars). Driverless Car Laws D4 modifier tweak ideas - #10 by Chantern15

  28. Can we have the home ownership tax, if “ban second home ownership” is not set to a outright ban, or would programming that be too complex? Big list of Suggestions - #13 by Chantern15

  29. Somehow represent “Veteran’s Benefits” in D4? Policy Idea: Veteran’s Affairs - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  30. Revamp recycling and waste in game. Waste Management Policy - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  31. Historical Reparations. Reparations and other indigenous / ethnic minority policy suggestions - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  32. Banning women from driving should impact GDP too. Tourism and Vices - #11 by Chantern15

  33. Even complacent/cynical/apathetic citizens should prefer a good government (if it is the current one), over a new, untested one. Improving the long-term challenge of the game - #61 by Chantern15

  34. Global CO2’s “year” value should fall and not be constant (the world is moving away from fossil fuels). High foreign relations, especially those climate policies which directly affect them, along with signing the climate change protocol should make this “year” modifier fall faster. Improving the long-term challenge of the game - #60 by Chantern15

  35. Have bureaucracy reduce unemployment due to all those administrators (if not already)? Rebalance bureaucracy in general. Beraucracy Supply/Demand - #12 by Chantern15

  36. New Achievement: Trash To Cash.
    Trigger values: Make environment reach 70%+, with GDP 70%+, no respiratory disease or water
    shortage, recycling is maxxed out.
    Description: You live the ideal, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Now here’s your gilded
    trophy made from recycled computer chips.

  37. Political Capital should go up, the higher our vote share (when not voted out)? Term Length - #6 by Chantern15

  38. Model the burden of Neglected Tropical Diseases (for ex.they are making inroads into the US as well now)? Can be tied into climate change to give it more of an oomph.

  39. The civil service? The civil service - Democracy 4 - Positech Games by Rabid.

  40. Constitutionality? Suggestion: Constitution and scaled costs of implementation by raxo2222 & Constitutionality - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games by cslawyer0328.

  41. Custom prereqs Custom Prereq bug - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games (ADDED!)

  42. Debt Crisis Balancing. Debt Crisis balancing is completly broken - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games (FIXED! Balanced to a great extent!)

  43. State Aged Care and Nationalized Retirement Villages. State aged care - Democracy 4 - Positech Games by rboni.

  44. Market Meltdown Post by cwg9. Has some good ideas, even if they’re from D3. Market meltdown event is out of control - Democracy 3 / General Discussion - Positech Games

  45. Trippy glitch fixed? Possible Scaling Issues? - Democracy 4 / General Discussion - Positech Games. By Kevin.

  46. New Kinds Of Taxes by tsullz95. Prostitution Taxes could interplay with my suggestion for prostitution subsidies, if that’s ever modelled explicitly. New Kinds of Taxes - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  47. Should higher wages lead to lower productivity? Parts of Northern and Western have very high wages, but their productivity per hour is not very far from that of the US. So, certainly there must be other factors determining this, perhaps higher wages mean that workers do more in the time that has been allotted to them for work. Population and Economy - #14 by Chantern15

  48. Why is EU value so low, if currently in the game, you cannot leave it? Has this bug been fixed?
    UE Bug - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games by Franz.

  49. Minister randomness sorted out, when “random start” has been deselected?

  50. Is compulsory work for unemployed at high values equivalent to the unemployed going into every sector, i.e., an implicit full employment mandate? Full Employment Mandate - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  51. Since not all liberals are libertarians and vice-versa, perhaps rebalance liberalism, to include some favourance for harm-reduction in liberals? Why does an alcohol ban please liberals - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  52. Uranium Mining for Australia. Uranium mining - Democracy 4 - Positech Games by rboni.

  53. State Banks? State Banks - Democracy 4 - Positech Games by rboni.

  54. Country specific immigration adjustments. Immigration improvement discussion thread - #19 by Chantern15 (ADDED)

  55. Should commuters be happy about toll roads? Can commuters be motorists in game and vice-versa? Commuters opinion on Toll Roads - Democracy 4 - Positech Games by Steel_Virgin.

  56. “Sign-In With Google” bug fixed? BUG: sign-in with google seems to be broken - Site Feedback - Positech Games by SLAKslayer.

  57. Rare Earth Mining should exacerbate water shortage. Comparing oil and rare earth metals - #31 by Chantern15

  58. What’s the low price fuel in “food stamps”? Wood? Or something else when “Winter Fuel Subsidy” is active? Is it even modelled? If it’s wood, it should lead to deforestation (i.e. -Environment), if it’s fossil fuels, it should boost CO2. If it’s renewables, they should boost rare earth prices. Speaking of which, renewables don’t increase RE prices. As I’ve mentioned before. Low Food Price Should Affect Obesity? - #14 by Chantern15

  59. Deflation Policies inclusion by Canis. Inflation - Deflationary policies - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  60. Is the policy, “Oil Drilling Subsidies” an aggregate value, or just for oil? If yes, it should be renamed, if no, let it be (and have separate policies for other fossil fuels?). Banning coal - #12 by Chantern15

  61. As oft mentioned, give state airlines and broadcaster, assets. Privatizing a state airline - #3 by Chantern15

  62. Does falling air travel, lower the cost of state airline? If not, it should. Privatizing a state airline - #3 by Chantern15

  63. Is this issue fixed? [Bug 1.126] - Game crash when multiplying an exponent with a negative number - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games By man_with_flan.

  64. Are these issues fixed? [1.128a] various UI element bugs - Democracy 4 - Positech Games By magnous_orion.

  65. Is this a bug? Coalition bug with majority - Democracy 4 - Positech Games By Rabid.

  66. Links between Crime & Organized Crime added? Suggestion: Two way links between organized crime and crime - Democracy 4 - Positech Games By Rabid.

  67. ID cards for Canada by Rabid. ID cards - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  68. Super-Long term crises now impact business confidence? Guide - Hyperinflation Takeover - #7 by cliffski

  69. If $29 trillion spent over a couple of years by the Fed to stabilize the economy couldn’t cause hyperinflation in America, how could anything possibly?

  70. Global Happiness Balance by raxo2222. Global happiness modifier/rebalance - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  71. Welfare without regulation should allow companies to push down prices to force people to live off of welfare with very low wages (unless this is already modelled in game).

  72. When a whole lot of policies are implemented, public services minister icon overlaps with political capital icon a bit. For others, political capital icon overlaps with their icon.

  73. Solidarity Tax visible in search bar, but not tax menu.

  74. Clicking on “patriots” enough number of times under “voter types” turns it and/or “parents” tab black from their original colour, requiring the player to click on them one or more times to make them go away under the selected voter type screen.

  75. Regarding invisible effects by VineFynn. Regarding invisible effects - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games

  76. Manipulate the electorate. By RD4150545. Manipulate the electorate - Democracy 4 - Positech Games

  77. Inconsistent saving in Discourse causes drafts to be lost. For example deleting an unrelated post, can lead to a draft being deleted along with it. Most frustrating. Recently lost a 70 point draft. Will now need to recreate it. Recreated, now with 105 points. :smiley:

  78. No achievement for maxxing out corruption.

  79. Deflation is mentioned in the description of inflation, but no explicitly deflationary policies as of yet. Look forward to seeing them at some future date.

  80. Capitalism Too Strong? - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Xenomorphman.

  81. One Child Policy triggers Conservative Members - Error - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By GrandExplorer.

  82. Addressing a similar concern as in other posts related to this theme. Wages decrease productivity - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  83. More Countries. Consider this somewhat lower priority, as Cliff already has this option in his votes. Nordic country as an included nation - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By Njawl.

  84. Health Rebalanced to some extent, but as the Trello board shows, it does need more work. Health care programs in general need a rebalance - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  85. State employees, farmers and trade unionist membership - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By peloxi. I believe that these numbers have been revised, unless I am mistaken. So I shall put the “fixed” tag on this. (FIXED)

  86. Consolidate All Riot Policies Into One. Tear Gas, Rubber Bullets and Water Cannons should be one policy - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Ferby.

  87. Much Teeth Gnashing will ensue, but consider rebalancing GDP again, please, considering the fact that it’s one of the most, if not the most important part of the D4 sim. Deficit Management & maxed out GDP / unemployment - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By Pierino.

  88. Some potentially valid points partially implemented. Some feedback - Democracy 4 / Alpha Feedback - Positech Games. By jh5g.

  89. Small Business Grants, Rural Development Grants & Winter Fuel Subsidy all should be active in the United States.

  90. Revamp political capital system. Political capital and national debates - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Rabid.

  91. Make how term limits work more clear. Possible Election Bug - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By aeliaran.

  92. Bug - Manifesto’s goal creates a new referencing point in policy slider - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Thimeo. (FIXED)

  93. Frequent issue, Flat Tax does not impact GDP. it’s like a big glaring cheat. even if it requires PC. Updated to 1.35 here are the changes: - #43 by raxo2222

  94. Has this bug been resolved? Interface visual bug - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By javive11.

  95. Fake News & Polarization still exist in countries which have right to privacy, in fact, I would argue that they can proliferate even more, as you have more rights, so what should be the link between these? Right to Privacy should reduce Fake News and Polarization - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By Eisdaemon.

  96. Icon Control suggestion. Suggestion for Icon Controls - Democracy 4 - Positech Games. By RCTycooner.

  97. Have a Mega-Thread of peer-reviewed suggestions as has been done before to preserve Cliff’s time and sanity. By Plexus.


Ohhh so this is why they’re upset, shocking!


YES! Please, implement this option. It is literally pointless to wait until the line hits the border, especially if you play the game a lot. Pure annoyance.


Ding Ding Ding! Sounds like we have winner! :smiley:

@cliffski Hi Cliff. I want to thank you for merging these topics, but might I ask you to put the topics in numerical order? Currently it is 1-3-2, could you please make it 1-2-3? Thanks! It’ll just be less confusing! :slight_smile: