The Nb of Active Overrides Capped or just Bugged?

I’m yet to dig into this but I’m having trouble with adding overrides to my mods. My mods have roughly 120 simulation-related overrides and 50 dilemma overrides. While the latter works flawlessly (it would be nice to know how to override events though - link), simulation overrides are largely broken and don’t work as intended such as…

  • overridden links not originating from policies disappear after the turn 0
  • overridden links not originating from policies act as if x was zero after the turn 0
  • even those originating from policies disappear after the turn 0
  • overridden links with inertia don’t work after the turn 0
  • overridden links are completed ignored and work as written in the base game after the turn 0

Though many of them were actually there since at least half a year ago, it’s getting worse and worse. Modded links added via *csv files work perfectly fine but overrides are somehow severely broken. I can’t push my mods to Workshop anymore if this issue doesn’t get addressed. I’ve already scrapped lots of potential mod idea because overrides won’t work. It is also ridiculous to spend an hour to write ini or csv and struggling 6 hours to make overrides work. I can live with some limitations like being unable to directly modify default values of the base game simulations but at least overrides should work.

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I don’t have a solution for you, but just wanted to echo the frustration. It does appear that there’s a soft cap of some sort for overrides, which makes overhauls and mods that add lots of new systems difficult to create. I’ve also had to scrap several mod ideas due to the limitations of the system. For some things, I’ve just had to get more creative with their implementation.

Your comment about wanting to know how to override events reminded me to test out an overrides I had put in one of my mods. I realized soon after that none of them are working, so I would also love to know that info :sweat_smile:


Glad to see other modder sharing the same concern. Overrides are indeed a vital part of a large amount of mods (and modding ideas) so any issue making them difficult or even unable to use is a serious problem. Hoping the dev to address this any time soon.

For now, it seems replacing var x with the source value (or Host) name partially fixes the issue but it’s not guaranteed to work as far as I know. Somehow equations with values called by name are more likely to work I guess.

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Hi, I just tried to reproduce this issue but cannot do so.
Here is my test case:

A single override in this folder:

My Games\democracy4\mods\cliffs_test_mod\data\overrides



Contents of file:

TargetName = “MentalHealth”
HostName = “ViolentCrimeRate”
Equation = “-0.1*(x^4)”
Inertia = 0

I started a new game and checked the override was present. it was, then I went to the next turn twice, still there. I then quit and relaunched the app and loaded the autosave and its still there.
Is this different to what you are doing? This was a simulation → simulation test. Do you have a test case that does not work? I would love to get this fixed!