The Never Ending Challenge

Humm try deleting all your saves.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Gratuitous Space Battles\userdir\GratuitousSpaceBattles

Move ships, deploy, and web somewhere. If this solves the problem, move one folder at a time back until it stops working again. Then you know which one of the 3 saves is causing problems.

NEC 1-10, Rebel CL. The good thing about not being tribe is they can use armor lure to beat NEC 2.

That said, both NEC 1-9 seem to be removed from the server, so I can’t test my latest NEC 1-10 against it. Though I did beat it with an earlier version while it’s still up.

NEC 1-11 posted. A straight up improvement from 1-8, I think.

Edit: yeah I didn’t see 1-9, so I assumed it was redacted.

Thanks for help, I will see if this can fix my problem

sorry guys about NEC-1-9. lets just continue as you did!.

Cmon guys lets go! I got another one ready to be posted!

Sorry to disapoint you, I give up!
it is getting too hard and very time consuming to beat all 10.

I beat 9 of them then one stands out as unbeatable and so on.
It is a backhole for me, just sucked all my free time and more.

I will stick to SAC. or maybe someone can make a rule to beat previous 4 or 5.

Lol I will get a frigate spam in this challenge eventually. I already manage to beat NEC2 with it using a series of decoys.

These NEC challenges are much harder without using Tribe you know.

Lol Z, I’m having the exact opposite problem. I can’t get past your howitzer rush AND a freaking missile spam.

NEC 1-12, Frigate Spam. Took a whole day to get this to work… Even then I can only beat NEC 2 and 8 by a very thin margin.

You know its really starting to bother me when people take a NEC out of context and send various taunts/bad ratings after beating 1…

And thanks to ZGeneral for the compliment.

NEC 1-13 up - Tribe plasma spam.

How did you beat NEC2 with that fleet? Challenge 4616655. Actually I think quite a few of you skipped that fleet entirely.

I’m not sure what you mean? 1-13 has a huge amount of fighter defense.

Na I look at the record man, you guys haven’t even played that one… Follick also reposted it as 4617911, and you guys skipped that also.

So yeah, you guys gotta beat either 4616655 or 4617911. It was labeled as NEC 2 and now NEC 1-1. And no I don’t mean the NEC 1-2 that Ramcat posted.

That said, I skipped the Ramcat one since I thought Follick one was the NEC2.

So include both of those from now on?

Okay, you are right. NEC2 kicks my ass. I didn’t read the note on ramcat’s 1-2.

Anyway 1-14 up. It’s a Tribe Pulse Rush. I remember to beat Ramcat’s 1-2 this time. Tribe just makes this so much easier.

Okay, I modified 1-13 so that it beats everything. Do you want me to replace it or just keep going? Also, 1-8 and 1-11 may be invalid as well. Darn tribe fighters!

Just keep going. Since I miss Ramcat’s and I think ZGeneral miss Follick’s. I mean if you want you can replace it… I am too sick of looking at that swarm fleet to do anything else to it.

Besides 14 is already up.

you are right, I never saw it!!!
but now forget it man, this challenge is too hard for what the NEC has evolved to.

Actually, this is why I think the game needs to automate some of these challenges/tournament ideas. But if NEC 1 is now too hard to beat, please post an NEC 4, or 5. Also, if you don’t want it to become a fighter spam, limit the number of fighter hulls via the map and it won’t be able to get out of hand.

Actually I want to thank all who played NEC 1. I have had the darndest time beating them all. I have been busy on another project and haven’t had much time. When I get the other project done, I’ll be back.

Thanks also to Joecairo for starting NEC 3.

Frigate only NEC?

Fighter only NEC - who really has the unbeatable fighters?

Cruiser only NEC?

Guys the ideas are endless…

This NEC is messed up now.
actually the idea of NEC was very fun at the begining but as the series got longer it got toooo time consuming.
I pesonally can not afford this much of time + let alone the disapointment and rage when u get stuck in 1 out of 10 that prevents you to post 11!!!

can we have a new challenges with some new rule (as suggested in other posts)
I suggest:

  1. must beat last 4
  2. last 3 must be unique races
  3. a player must use unique races in his last 3 challenges (what do u think? we have enough races to enforce this)

This one would be more challening without having to go through all the previous challenges like NEC