THe New SAC!

I noticed the other SAC was petering out, so i set up a new one.


  • 50k credits
  • 100 pilots (or as close as i could get it)
  • max arena size
  • No other restrictions


  • Your challenge must beat the previous 4. So if you make New SAC 6, it must beat 5,4,3, and 2, or if you make New SAC 3, it must beat 1 and 2.
  • Your ships must have engines, and have a minimum speed of .10. There’s no way to enforce this, so it’s on the honor system.

I did my best to make an initial challenge, but i don’t think that it will be that hard since i’m pretty new to SAC. It’s probably vulnerable to lots of fighters, but you never know…

Finally, New SAC 1 challenge number is 4596641. Map is RCIX-SAC, post date is 08/07/10.

Ummm, why have a min speed so high? Spend a lot on engines to get cruisers to go that fast… Why not say it just has to be above 0?

You could have disallowed lower power engines to force high speed engagements.


Beaten 08/07/10.
Used a fleet completely composed of tutorial ships. :smiley:
Those plasma frigates were ANNOYING. The meatshield cruisers had no effect on my shields, I would suggest in the future replacing their weaponry with more armor. Or something else. Tractor beams maybe? Missiles? Anyways, should have set frigate priority high. Would have ended a lot sooner. Creating RCIX SAC-2 now…

o.O i did; those “meatshield cruisers” were frigate shredders, or supposed to be anyway… The plasma frigates are there to tear through your cruisers while the “meatshields” are there to annihilate any frigates they find.

And as far as speed goes, the min speed was 0.15 for the other SAC; 0.1+ is easily achieved by sticking a couple of High Efficiency engines on the cruiser.

Will check out the new challenge soon,

The speed minimum wasn’t exactly observed in the first SAC anyway. I wouldn’t worry about it, plasma trashes slow fleets pretty hard. The problem usually solves itself.

Engines should stay a requirement though. Don’t want two stationary fleets squaring off.

SAC 3 is up, using The Order (sorry AcePalarium :P). It scrapes by on the publicly posted SAC 2 (a furious fight ending in my rocket cruisers duking it out with your cruisers and mine barely coming out on top), blazes through the retaliation version of SAC 2, and performs pretty well against SAC 1. it uses Rocket Cruisers in the back that have high armor, with laser cruisers in the front that have a lot of shields, and a couple of anti-fighter frigates ward off the occasional bomber or whatnot.

Are you sure you guys are making these challenges public? (needs to be ‘all’, not ‘All’)

Because I’m not… seeing anything for this map besides the first. Maybe I’m just getting lost in the crapton of challenges of the last few days.

You basically HAVE to post the challenge number. What is it for Sac-3?

Ugh, sorry. Hang on…
Edit: 4600579

For some reason, this brings great enjoyment. :smiley:
Will go to BEAT it. :wink:

Couldn’t find it mate. Do it again, make sure it public.

Ok, reposted with an ID of 4602788.

I’m up for this. Posted RCIX-SAC 4 with a Swarm fleet. ID is 4602827. Beats the three challenges on the map so far but will probably go down quickly, it’s a definite work-in-progress.

Bloodaugust’s challenge (4597464) is on a different map.

I’ve cheated slightly - most cruisers are 0.9 speed and my flagship is a complete slug. It was proving too much of a headache to get them all to go that 0.1 faster.

Posted RCIX-5, # 14603372. Beat fleets 1-4, also retaliated privately to those fleets that I beat.

Like JoeCairo my cruisers are sluggish but they all move forward to victory - except I just noticed Yurch just clobbered the fleet.

Most problems I had was with #4, the swarm and had to replace a lot of missiles units with plasma units.
Didn’t really affect the other 3.
What is with fleet #3 with the federation frigates? Half just sit there and the battle ends before i can get there?

Anyhow - combined Rebel fleet, I used cruisers, frigates, and fighters. 4 Frigates designs, 4 cruiser designs and one fighter design.
I tried to make as well rounded as possible.


The low pilots-per-cost counts may make frigates a constant problem. To illustrate this point, I chose the old SAC-34 as a basis fleet.

It beats all public RCIX-SAC’s I can find, so I guess it’s RCIX-6. # 4603491

RCIX 5 up. It’s an Order build that’s focused on EMP/Rad Guns. I think it could definitely use some tweaking, but it beat 1-4 by good margins, so I posted it anyway :smiley:

Edit: Doesn’t beat Bernie’s, so I guess think of his as RCIX 6. Posting at the same time

Juuuust a little too late, sorry. We have a 5 and a 6 already :slight_smile:

Current required challenges to beat:
RCIX-SAC 3 (4602788)
RCIX-SAC 4 (4602827)
RCIX-SAC 5 (4603372)
RCIX-SAC 6 (4603491)

RCIX-SAC 7 is up. Frigates ahoy! Beats all existing.


This one is centrally set up, but are corner setups allowed? My corner setup of the same fleet beats this posted central setup, though it loses to Berny’s tough Rebel fleet.

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