THe New SAC!

I’d rather not have corner setups if possible. Though yours is fine, don’t need to redo it.

Actually… mine was up about an hour before Bernie’s. I just didn’t post in this thread. But whatever. I’ll remake it and beat you all! muahahaha!

YEAH RCIX-SAC 8 is up.


SAC 9 just went up :slight_smile: CL SPAMM!!! - 4604159

beat 4-8 (5 challenges)
still looking for 1-3…
would be nice if someone could send me RCIX’s 1-3 as i cant seem 2 find them

Damnit. You guys are way too fast. And I was just about to post a 7. :frowning:

Could NOT beat that stupid tribe one. COULD NOT. So pissed…

Lol when it comes to CL spam vs CL spam, the slowest bunny wins the race. But when a bunny becomes too slow it gets killed by long range.

Also gunnyfreak you forgot to make your SAC challenge public.

Edit: Just beat 4 to 9 with a cheesy frigate spam. But not sure if I should post it as 9 or 10 since nobody else has access to 9 except me. I guess I hold off until Gunny fix this problem.

oh, sorry, i thought retaliation was public :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: SAC 9 is up now…

EDIT: i guess at this Pilot/Budget Ratio, frig spam IS the way 2 go…

nvm, I was looking at the wrong challenge :stuck_out_tongue:


Was able to beat your Smarm CL spam - cannot break the tribal fleet though.

What is with SAC-10?!


SAC 10 is the frigate spam… not sure if 123 posted it yet…

I reposted my own RCIX 10 with engines.

I seriously don’t want to hear any complaint about how slow they are :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I don’t see 123’s SAC 10, so I am first :stuck_out_tongue:

No it was someone else’s. travers and it was an order corner deployment where all the cruisers just say.

Might make life difficult for a CL but I had missile cruisers and nothing except for some poor frigates came into their range.


That’s me. I reposted it with some engines, might make it slightly more difficult.

Also, I realize it could use some tweaking, but I wanted to get it in before someone else did

Lol it’s fine. Let’s see if my frigate spam can beat the newer SAC.

I can’t find SAC 10…

It’s #4604906

Lol I post mine as 11. My Frigate stun-locked SAC 10 and critical hit his heavy armor to death.

Unless 123 posts 11, here’s the current challenge numbers to beat:

7: 4603604
8: 4603847
9: 4604159
10: 4604906

123 already posted RCIX 11.

And… RCIX 12 posted. Basically a tweaked out version of RCIX 10 to handle all four situations (8,9,10,11), but it’s still very gimmicky, so I doubt it will last long on top. In fact, I may be about to post a #13 as well :wink: