The old post-battle stats will be reachable again

Some people preferred the older style stats screen to the new one. I know some people with the steam demo (which must be old?) were confused when the full game had a different screen.
Anyway, in the next patch (1.46) there will be a toggle button, and you can toggle to the older stats screen (and back again) if you prefer looking at the stats in that way.

At first i kinda hated the new screen, but it seems pretty useful now :slight_smile:

eh, the new screen really doesn’t do it for me. I prefer the old one.

The End.

As someone who recently bought GSB I just want to say thanks.

The current “stats” screen is pretty and thats all it is. Personally its quite a PITA for me to grok any kind of info from it.

would u be so kind as to put the toggle button in the after-action report so we can view both screens for the same battle?

Cliff, could we get a way to toggle on/off all the ships or weapons on a given side of the the battle stats screens? I come into those screens and usually I want to know, one by one, how did a given type of weapon do (mine or the enemies) or how did a given ship class do (mine or enemies) and that means I first have to toggle off everything else, one by one…

BTW a question, do I understand how this screen works right - if I leave one of my ships toggled on, and one enemy ship, is that screen telling me how well that one ship of mine did against that one enemy ship? If so, that’s very cool.

I like the new streamlined pie charts better, they are more informative.

People are really lazy and resistant to change…

I love the new post-battle screen! It’s awesome! I guess that’s the old battle screen, huh? I still love it.

Is there any way I can get solid data from these screens rather than percentages? It stands to reason that weapons with a higher rate of fire will have a lower hit/damage percentage, so it gets harder to compare such weapons with percentage statistics alone.

I’m new to the game (as in less than two weeks) so to me it’s not a case of resisting change… however, I find the new-style battle report almost unreadable and unusable. I didn’t know that it was different before, so 1.46 has gifted me with something quite valuable.

Different people, different tastes. Don’t be so fast in assigning laziness… :slight_smile:

Welcome aboard the GSB forums, lektu. Enjoy this treasure-trove of useful data!


And, speaking of data, has someone compiled a list of the maximum honor reached in each standard mission in normal/hard/expert levels? I’d like to know how badly I’m doing :slight_smile: