The only 1 thing I dont like about this game...

When you run out of money you lose and can’t continue. I don’t mind this mechanic in the Long Dark, but I think it totally sucks in this game. I also think you should be able to run in the red temporarily while you sort out your factory. Certainly put a time limit on it. Make it 30 days, or 60 days, make it dependent on how much revenue you’ve generated. Set a hard limit for how low you can go, add a daily interest rate. Whatever, just don’t “end the game immediately”.

Yup, this is planned, we are certainly going to offer crisis loans at this point that you can take out (probably only once per game though).

The price of imports is swinging really wildly in this build. Is this by deign? It is killing me pretty consistently on days 3-5, even maxing my efficiency and keeping my prices high I am finding it hard to stay above the 0 mark on the profit line. Maybe slower research.

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