THE ORDER (Expansion Pack)

The second expansion pack/DLC for GSB is here now. THE ORDER is the name of the new race, and this pack is similar to the TRIBE one, in that it adds a new race, 2 new maps, some new race-specific weapons etc,
The order are big on power, low on speed. They are religious fundamentalists who want to irradiate all non believers. That includes you. Prepare to die, heathen life forms…
Details and a video are here: … order.html


Anyway you could post wallpaper or picture of Orders ships? Realy like to see how the ships look. Other than what we saw in the trailer.

Nice with another expansion

Although i only recently bought this game, i’m already very impressed by it.I can see myself spending alot of time with this game :slight_smile:
Being a hobbyist game developer myself, it’s always great to see great things from others. And this is one great game.

Well being a sci-fi nerd helps too, but i can’t seem to put the game down when i first get it started.

This expansion will get me motivated to play more GSB again. :slight_smile:

Could you explain how the rad gun works?

Initial observation is that radiation leaks clear through shields (even though the green effect doesn’t always show) but is stopped by some degree of armor.

It doesn’t seem like the nuke missile does this - just the gun.

Oh wow, that is some cool stuff. Thanks for giving us another survival mission so I can get thrashed by a different batch of space-goobs. :wink:

Tiny note, I’m probably missing it, I’ll mention it anyway. While beating my head against the wall that is Order reinforcements, I noticed that when the shields on the Temple cruiser light up (as though blocking a weapon), they seem to stay lit up for an awfully long time. Now maybe this is due to the weapons I bring to the table, but the only stuff of mine I had trouble tracking was the target painters on my escort fighters. Maybe they’re lighting the shields up? Maybe the shields are supposed to look that way?

Can’t really tell from less than an hour of pootling around with it (that’s the technical term, obviously). But I’m really digging these new guys. And so far all I’ve really done is throw some ship designs together and then work the survival mission a couple of times. Imagine how I’ll feel once I actually blow stuff up as the Order!

Keep the hits a-rolling, Cliff. Bravo!!!

we need a list of all the ships in the game in a nice pic, so all of the races ships in line with there boosts and type etc…

Bought it, having a play around with the rad weapons.

Ugh, after half an hour of testing, I can’t figure out the duty ratio and stacking rules of radiation.

Hay cliffski, radiation doesn’t stack, right? And what’s the long reload for the radiation gun? You know, shot 1, small reload, shot 2, small, shot 3, small, shot 4, long, shot 1 etc.

Muharhar this tractor beam thing holding together the ships sounds cool… I will steal it :wink: Basically it’s just an engine glow or something other? Well anyway I will unveil your secret in no time ^^

That’s great! Here have some money for it :).

When’s the next expansion? I’ve got some more money for you.

This looks like fun - thank you for the expansion.

I have attached updated spreadsheets listing weapons modules and hulls to this post.

Please take a look - I only found 10 ships, not 11, and am wondering if my install messed up, or if the expansion actually contains 10 ships.

Thanks. (17.6 KB)

Well the description says,
4 Fighters, 4 Cruisers and 3 Frigates. Whats missing?

Sounds interesting. I grabbed it even though I never really bothered to learn how to play the Tribe. I’ll have to sink some time into actually learning how to play as The Order now. Good work cliffski, it’s awesome how much you are supporting the game!

I’m missing one of the four fighters.

I also noticed a total of only 10 ships (3 fighters, 3 frigates, 4 cruisers). I figured it was just a numerical whoops, since on the Order page itself in one place it says 4 new weapons and in another it says 3 (with 4 being the correct number - nuclear missiles, cruiser radiation gun, limpet launcher, and firefly rockets).

Well just check,


There should be the pictures of all ships. Either cliff forgot to add a hull txt or it was a typo like ace said.

To be clear, I wasn’t complaining, just asking.

Yeah no hard feelings, I have never interpretated your post in a negative way ^^ The official trailer also says 11 new ships, this means that there is really something wrong if one fighter is missing. So like I said, if anyone would check the pictures and the hull txt’s we could solve this riddle (I’m no proud owner of The order yet). Maybe Cliff really forgot to add a txt, but I think this is a minor problem…

I understand that this isn’t officially supported, but Is there anything different from this installer than from the tribe installer? The Tribe installer worked fine on crossover games for mac, but this installer fails on start-up. I’ve downloaded from both the normal and back-up server to avoid a corrupt file but no dice.

I have The Order, and can confirm that there are only 10 hulls. There is nothing in the data folder for an 11th hull.

Nevertheless, it is still an excellent expansion, and the one less hull than the tribe pack is more than made up for with the new weapons.