The other half

I love both democracy games very much, and look at them in part as an education on how various policies effect different aspects of society. But other times, I want to play the game for the Theme Park experience; I want to take on the competition, I want to rise in rank from a small fragile country up until I’m president/dictator of the universe! This urge is what makes Democracy a great game, but not quite reached the classic status it’s painfully close to.

Now I recognise in myself that I like progressive games. That is: the games that start you small, end you big, and provide you continual rewards for each minor step you make along the way. This means unlocking rewards, and it means going back through the campaign again and again to complete all the little things you missed along the way. These are the reasons I always go back and play Tony Hawks, Exile III, FFVII, Worms, Everquest, and so on.

Am I alone in this, or did others feel similarly? If so, what suggestions do you have to fill this need?