The Presidential Suite mod pack

I’m pretty sure that @cliffski and most of Democracy 3 veterans are familiar with this mod pack. For those who don’t know, it’s a compilation of mods that add a lot to the Democracy 3 gameplay. Some of them being official features now.

I wanted to bring it up because I think that there’s still some additions that Democracy 4 could very much benefit from. Reasonable propositions that have proven to be within the game’s reach and that are worth discussing about, in my opinion. I’ll do a quick summary of the most interesting ones bellow.

The Presidential Suite mod pack itself

  • Crime and Punishment: The negative event of Police Brutality (to balance the Law & Order category) and the positive event of Private Security (a capitalist/liberal way to solve crime)

  • Biotech Mod: The policy Smoking Law (already requested, but still needed) and the positive event of Homo Superior (would be a reason to invest in Cloning Technology and Steam Cell Research… and it’s fun)

  • Democratic Decay: A rework of Corruption to be an actual threat to authoritarian/conservative regimes and the negative event Civil Rights Protests for the same reasons.

  • Earth Transit: The negative event Roads Accidents (there’s already some events and policies that hint at the safety on the road, an uncancellable Road Safety policy would complement it perfectly)

  • Migration Mod: I think you already know that Immigration needs a rework (some ideas where already explored in this topic)

  • Superpower Mod: Adding the concept of Military Strength for the Drone Strikes, Military Spending and Military Service to be more than just about pleasing certain groups.

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