The religious people..

Is it just me or what?

The only people that hate me in the game are the religious people with “one red”. In each game, probably because I am so much against religion in real life etc. But is it just me? Do others think the same? I am afraid of their attempts to kill me all the time although they never do it no matter how bad I am against them (they killed me a few times in Democracy 1)

There are also not many policies that you can use to mess around with the religious people…

Democracy 2 is a bit more realistic than D1, in that nobody is just religious. They might be Religious and a bit poor, and a bit liberal, etc etc. So if you keep all the other groups happy, you will never get angry maniacs trying to kill you. They will do it though, if you give enough people nothing to lose…

I thought so because everyone else is doing OK it’s just them so probably that’s why they are leaving me alone. 8)

Yeah, there should be some more relatively harmless policies you can use that they like - for example, many churches tend to be quite into social justice issues, or funding Catholic schools could please the religious but slightly annoy another group (the liberals?) as well as cost a bit of money and have a lesser positive effect on literacy etc cf. putting the same amount of money into your public schools… the really ugly ones like banning stem-cell research nobble your tech economy and so are out of the question for me.

There really isn’t much of a counter group for religious people. Things like teaching creationism in schools should piss almost everyone off, because its such a severe manipulation of democracy to teach religious subjects on everyones behalf. Teaching evolution only should adleast please state employees as well (as scientists, education workers, health workers, police, firemen etc are all put into one board group).
Hardly anyone seams to care when you combine government and religion, whoever it does annoy (liberals mainly) its nothing legal aid and jury trial can’t fix. Although there are probably constraints in the game adding an academic class would be a more realistic counter class to religion than liberals.
Things like education policy, religious policy, science funding and stem cells would effect their opinion. Technological advantage, literacy (assumed as education of the population) could also make them happy and increase their membership.

Liberals would still counter religious and conservatives on some issues, like same sex marriage where academics would care less about these issues, and Sunday shopping (not sure if liberals currently care about this, but most would see this as the government imposing on a freedom)