The research ideas thread


Is there any reason you can’t build in a corporate espionage sort of function to get the technologies you don’t currently have researched made available to you through purchasing said tech from a rival and learning from that?


Its certainly an appealing idea, and we haven’t really done anything in terms of ‘dirty tricks’ or bad behaviour by auto companies in the game… yet :smiley:


I have been wishing for a market survey sort of implementation so I can find out what sells so I can see where there is a market and where there isn’t. Would be very useful if you can find out about your rivals and what they are producing so you can either take them on, or pick less congested options. A sales chart would be helpful to see what the state of the market actually is and especially what people want to buy.

If researching something that requires other things (electric windows springs to mind as that was my first thought), it would be helpful if either it added the prerequisites so that the production can happen, especially for anyone that is far less aware of the motor industry and it’s workings, or maybe have it as a “training mode” for anyone (myself included) that knows very little about the production cycle so it can help the inexperienced learn the mechanics (doh!) of how the systems inter-relate.

Make loans payable so they can be gotten rid of.

Having a cost of production beneath the showroom cars would be helpful so that you can sell them off faster whilst still not losing money, or even a sell at cost price option would be helpful if like me you end up with a lot of cars because updates have happened and they didn’t get them because they were produced earlier.

A recall option should be thought about being implemented, as it’s actually well known that a variety of manufacturers have recalled models due to being unsafe. (Especially the case when you haven’t been able to develop the smart junction yet and they go for sale despite not wanting them to because you can’t stop it. This would likely have an effect on consumer confidence though…)

Having advisors would be helpful (thinking of Sim City games), then you can try to fix whatever the reason your money is pouring away from you is, or why the production doesn’t have the feature you added to it, maybe because the feature wasn’t added on the manufacturing device in question, which when you’re getting tired, would be a god send provided you have the space for it if it’s not an upgrade of existing equipment (or you don’t have the equipment at all maybe). I have had issues with vehicles missing parts inspite of the fact they were required by the equipment at the production point (how exactly it got past them is beyond me, unless, as I have started to believe, it is a higher level process than the process in use (missing front bumper even though that is specific to the Fit Front Bumper process which I haven’t unlocked yet; Fit Bumpers shouldn’t have allowed it to pass through if not all fittings were present (bug?)).

Lack of information is the big bugbear for me, there’s no cause and effect you can determine from anything, how to solve the situation you face is mind boggling, especially when everything you do takes such a long time to implement. Advice is the one thing I would welcome, and it doesn’t exist yet.

Being able to save games with your own title would be helpful especially because the existing options aren’t overly meaningful to most ppl. That should be an easy change tbh as I was doing such things years ago.


Hi, you can already do a lot of this. You can click on the save game name and change it to whatever you want. Also, you can already set up a discount in the showroom for cars that have one or more ‘uninstalled’ features (ie: features that got added to that model after they had already passed that production slot).

Regarding market data for what sells, although the current implementation could be better, this is already in the game on the market tab of the sales screen (next to showroom). All possible combinations of body style and price point have a box that shows the current number of customers who visit your showroom for that model, so you can see if its a big or small market segment. I do have plans to improve this as its currently pretty text heavy.


Yes, but you can’t see everything that can be made, only what you can, so it’s like seeing only your company (so there’s no competitors?), ignoring everything other manufacturer that exists. Plus, you can’t make any comparison because you see a percentage of your sales, would be nice to have more info, price, features, which rival, etc.


Is the Uninstalled bit coming in the next release? All I see now is for Missing Universal features.


I still need to put that in, I’ll make sure its on my todo list!