The Rise of the Frigate

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The rise of the Frigate is here it will cast down the false emperor of ships that is the cruiser and become the true emperor of ship classes. Vote in the poll to prove my accurate points that I have given so far and vote frigates to prove my point or I’ll go on a personal vendetta to prove my completely correct point by destroying every cruiser fleet in sight using my frigates that are more than a match for cruisers ( perhaps not one to one though). The dawn of a new age is here embrace the truth or die like so many have done already. Don’t be misguided souls who refuse to listen to listen to my words and continue to use cruisers who struggle at the few roles that are not already taken by frigates who are vastly superior.

You should try the RCIX SAC challenge then, where you don’t just beat 1, but 4 latest SAC challenges with the same fleet. More information here.


As much as I like frigates, I have no luck with them since 11. Who knows you might come up with something.

Cruisers are more stylish, but I play Rebels, so every ship in my fleet is useful (as long as it’s the smallest or at most second-smallest in its class).

I’ll be honest, to get my interest most challenges need to be able to stand up to my Travesty fleet, though.

awesome more votes and Frigates are still on top my frigates or one of my frigates beat a tribe cruiser challenge one to one and there regularly beating up cruisers

MY recent challenge has proven that frigates can adapt to defeat any foe unless there evenly numbered with an equal number of cruisers then it’s not possible for anything except those lame cruisers to find victory

1: The edit button is not a decoration. No need to double-post.

2: Of course frigates can adapt to anything. The Challenger will win sooner or later in any challenge unless it’s rigged (MAX MAP SIZE, ENGINES GET 100% POWER REDUCTION) and the like.

Beat it - retaliated presonally.
All of my ships are stock designs with one exception - I decided to try out rockets against frigates. And it works.
I personally do not like frigates. Now obviously there are times when a map is optimized for frigate battles - or fighter battles - or cruiser laser battles etc.
I like maps with good pilot counts like Battle of Vela IV. There frigates die way to quickly to fighters.


Well I beat a rocket cruiser fleet using plasma frigates after 8 attempts to find the path to victory (someone sent it to me not sure who)

Wasn’t me. You beat mine in one attempt but sent no retaliation.

Thing is the challenger can always beat the defender given time - you used 8 attempts on that one challenge.
The only real way is to use a system like the SAC’s where you have to beat not only the next in line but the previous ones as well.
Personally I think the SAC’s should be at least 10 deep not the 4 that they have now.


I like that idea.

Regardless of anything you say you can’t change the fact that frigates are the best and that many people are blind to the truth

Stop trolling

hehehe… opinions aren’t always facts, Hasbrudal :stuck_out_tongue:

IF SAC were depth 10, I’m pretty sure it would run out of steam extremely quick. Even RCIX seems to be slowing down and that’s only 4 deep.

Your right but in this case I am right many people don’t like frigates which are the best so they are blind to the truth and frigates are the best as they can easily outclass cruisers and fighters are a completely different category and can’t be compared to

Well look how far the original SAC went.
And for running out of steam… Isn’t that the idea - at some point a winner will be declared.


I think RCIX-SAC is running out of steam is due to how obvious the next deploy will be, and how a pattern has emerged.

Fast Rush > Pure Long Range > Slow Mixed Weapons > Fast Rush

So say you start with a Fast Rush, then someone put down a Slow Mixed Weapons to counter that. Since a slow mixed weapons is a hard counter to rush, nobody can put down a rush. So everyone have to go with the mixed weapons approach to out long range each other without dying to the first rush, until the Fast Rush is out of the bracket. After that, since all the previous build are set to counter rush, the next wave of challenges will just be pure long range. No matter how bad they are out of context they will win against a slow mixed arm fleet, and nobody can deploy a rush fleet until all the slow mixed weapons are out of the bracket. Of course, once the last mixed fleet is knock out, it will be dominated by rushes until all those pure long range are out of the bracket.

This will be true if it’s 4 depth or 10 depth. In the current RCIX SAC the last rush just got knock out of the bracket we are in the “pure long range” phase, which means the next challenger will win just by spamming 100% plasma with 1 scrambler. I wish I will be proven wrong, which is why I don’t want to put up my a pure plasma fleet as 23 in hope that someone with a rush fleet can beat 19-21.

Going back to topic, frigate actually have no place in this equation.

The original SAC was only depth 3, so it could probably go on forever. But that’s the tradeoff: would you rather have a tournament that has lots of activity, but no clear winner or a tournament that is more challenging, but doesn’t have much activity and is far more limited in what builds can be used.

I don’t think you can ever declare a winner per say regardless. The last guy might just so happen to be in the right place at the right time. It doesn’t make it a better fleet stand alone. Say if someone put up 100% pure plasma spam now, and nobody can rush it because of the past 3 challenges. Does that somehow make the last guy better than the 3 challenges before it when they have to deal with rush also?

This post seems to be drifting off topic as it’s about how awesome frigates are and my hope to change people’s opinion or at least get enough people to show that friates are a force to be reckoned with at the minimum rather than at the moment where they are largely ignored