The rival technology notifications are useless

The rival technology notifications have to be the most useless things in the game. The yellow exclamation point marker on the car designs icon is all I need. Just sayin’. Wish I could turn those off.

The idea is that they give you advance notice that technology in that area is being researched. The yellow icons are fine, but they can come ‘too late’. you can prevent ever seeing a yellow icon if you pay attention to what the AI is researching, thats why they happen. Hope that helps a bit :smiley:

Agreed, but I find the practicality of dealing with a dozen stacked notifications tends to make me ignore them. Just a personal observation. You might cut their time to disappear in half.

True, I should allow them to be ignored on a category basis like the messages from the factory manager.

If you are going to do that, you may also want to consider a “turn off” for those blue production schedule markers above chassis assemble.

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even a minimize style +/- to hide them a bit.

True, I don’t even look at notifications lol.