The role of the Monarchy

In my recent game I was roleplaying a communist dictatorship. I had put in place detention without trials, death penalties for all crimes worse than singing out of tune, teargassing old ladies who crossed the road at red lights. Maxed out wealth taxes, inheritance tax, mansion tax etc.

Then I got a dilemna regarding monarchial misconduct where my options were to leave it slide or write a strongly worded letter. By this point the most in character move for me to make would be to send for a guillotine but the event even mentioned how calling for the abolition of the monarchy would be too extreme.

Would it make more sense for position of the Monarchy to be a policy? Say ranging from Republican Government on one end through figurehead to ‘substantial powers’ with no actual affect on gameplay or elections on the far end with scaling positive effects on Conservative and patriot membership and happiness, negative effects for socialists and liberals particularly as you approach the far end. For countries such as Spain or Australia where the position of the monarchy is testy and a prime minister or president calling for abolition is indeed quite beleivable it would make more sense.