The Scale Of The Universe 2 - Just Amazing =D

Some of you guys may remember a post that i’ve made almost a year ago… “The Scale of The Universe”, well, now i’m coming with the second version found in, i hope you enjoy it!


You can zoom in, to discover and learn about the smallest objects in the universe, or zoom out, and see the whole existense, our universe. You can also, click on each objet to read a small description about it, i have to say, that the words “omg” “amazing” “incredible” (and similars) invaded my mind.

After around 40 mins watching and reading everything, the feeling of knowing that we are NOTHING compared with the rest of the universe, that we are sorrounded, and made, of so many and so small things… knowing that there are so massive objects that can drag our entire group of galaxies, knowing that the earth traveled so many lightyears, and stills traveling, at a speed that we may not reach ever… all these things, made me feel so amazed, so small, so fragile…

Guys you have to give to it a look, its outstanding! =D

I’d say astounding. Mind blowing. Just think about how amazingly large the universe is. It’s just impossible to comprehend. Just spend like 5 minutes thinking about it. It is amazing.

Oh, and wrong forum :stuck_out_tongue: Should be in Off-topic?

Do we have one for GSB?

This application you have made is simply wonderfull, who’d have thought i could study from a program on newgrounds :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt made it ^^

well… thanks for posting it then :stuck_out_tongue: